Old photographs ……… Five generations


I was  ‘tagged’  on FaceBook the other day and challenged to post five photos that made me smile.

Well, as I said, finding only five, at my advanced age, is almost impossible.  And so, after I had found and posted five photos, I decided to search through my many boxes and scrapbooks and occasionally  post another  photo.

The one above is quite unique as it shows five generations of our family and it has pride of place in one of my scrapbooks.

I must apologise for the poor reproduction …… but it is a very precious picture as it shows many who are no longer with us.

This was taken in 1969 on the occasion of my niece, Debbie’s christening.

My dear sister Gillian is in the foreground, with Debbie in her arms.

Other notable family members from left to right are;

Greta-Aunty Olga (holding a white handbag ) …… Great Grandma (who lived to the grand old age of 98 ) ……. my sister Carole ……. Gill ……  Alan, Gill’s husband at the time ………. me ….. my dear Mum, with brother John ……. sister Wendy sitting on my OH,  Ian’s knee …..various cousins and then my dear Nana  (in dark, straw hat )

Gosh, 1969 and yet I can remember it as though it was yesterday.


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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One Response to Old photographs ……… Five generations

  1. I should invest in a scanner; I’ve got some lulu’s!! 🙂


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