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    It was a rather gloomy Hallowe’en.  All day a strange, ochre-coloured fog had hung around the village. A fog so thick that it was almost impenetrable. It appeared to drift up to each house in turn, as though … Continue reading

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Going Home

        Today I’m re-posting a little piece of ecological sci-fi  …….. But IS it really just ‘silly  fiction’ ?  If we’re not careful it may actually happen ………and we may not get a second chance ……. ***** … Continue reading

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There May Be Trouble Ahead

  I just knew the day was going to go badly, it would be like pleating gravy.  Everything I had planned was going to fall apart and sooner or later the shit would hit the fan. My event planning business … Continue reading

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Sun Hats in the Isis

    Bit of a busy day, so I have reblogged an old story.  Sorry about that !   SUN HATS IN THE ISIS It was a melancholy task for a sultry summer’s day and I felt a pang of … Continue reading

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No More Goodbyes

  This was a ten minute writing exercise, so don’t expect Shakespeare …….   NO MORE GOODBYES He stood inside the church …….. the vast coolness of the building making  him shiver slightly. His friend stood beside him and,  noticing the … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Christmas Stories

  Way back in December 2011, I wrote a couple of Christmas stories for my dear friend Lucy. I reblog them here, along with the story behind them, in the hope that you will enjoy them.  Okay, they are silly … Continue reading

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The elderly lady sat quietly surveying the scene from the luxurious comfort of her overstuffed armchair. She had not stayed in this hotel before, but delighted in its location, nestled as it was, in the beautiful Cotswold Hills. It was … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Nightmares ……Re-Blogged

    I have always been fascinated by dreams.  They are such strange things, aren’t they ? One wonders, sometimes, how on earth our brains invent the weird and wonderful scenarios that drift through our heads while we are asleep. … Continue reading

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A Touch of Magic

    Well, we are 6 days past the Autumnal Equinox and the days are getting shorter. Sadly we must bid a fond farewell to summer and, as the Earth’s axis tilts, look towards winter and the colder days ahead.  … Continue reading

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After the Laughter

            AFTER THE LAUGHTER   Margaret spooned coffee into the cafetiere as she waited for the kettle to come to the boil. A cup of strong, black coffee; yes, that is what she needed. Something … Continue reading

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