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The River

The recent picture prompt for the WRITE-ON group was this photo of a river.  At first I thought I would probably write a short story, but then this poem popped into my head and who am I to argue with … Continue reading

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NaPoWriMo 2020

Hello dear readers, if, in fact, there are any of you left. I have neglected my blog, I know. Its been over a year since I posted anything on here; the brain has been elsewhere. So,what better way to return … Continue reading

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  AUTUMN Winds blowing; leaves swirling; Autumn. Squirrels gathering; birds leaving; Autumn. Woodsmoke rising; rain falling; Cosy jumpers; boots and mittens. Crimson sunsets; days shorter; Autumn. Pumpkins smiling; fireworks sparkling; Curled up snugly, fire burning. Hot chocolate, toasted teacakes; Frosty … Continue reading

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More Silly Verse

      We have recently had quite a lot of rain.  I suppose this was welcomed by the farmers as we have enjoyed a relatively dry summer and early autumn. And I have been quite happy about the rain, … Continue reading

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‘Bursting’ into Verse

I love poetry;  I always have. Even when I was a child I was totally fascinated by the rhythm and flow of poems and learned many ‘by heart’ …..whether it was  ‘homework‘  or not …… lol ! In those dark … Continue reading

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Day 9 of 100 Pleats ………… And Another Silly Poem

Day 9 and I’m really getting into the swing of things with this Challenge.  No doubt I shall begin to run out of steam soon ………. but, at the moment, the lovely autumnal weather is helping. It is so nice … Continue reading

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Mountains Out Of Molehills …….. Day 70 of 100

I’m afraid  this is not a post about uplift bras or  ‘chicken-fillet’   breast enhancements …..sorry if that has disappointed you …. hehe ! No, this is a post about gardening.  Well ….sort of. You see, I took delivery of … Continue reading

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Countdown Word Game ………. Day 43 of 100

It is absolutely ages since I took part in the Countdown Word Game, so I thought it was about time I rectified that situation. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this game ……. I will explain. It was … Continue reading

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Mending Fences and Building Walls ………….. Day 16 of 100

Yesterday my neighbour’s garden fence was repaired. This must be the sixth time since last Summer; when a few, very dilapidated, rotting panels were replaced in an otherwise sound structure. Obviously, the job was not done properly,  because the new … Continue reading

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I’ve always dreamt of finding something I could really do. Some special thing, in which I could excel. Like soaring on a hang-glider, up into the blue, But heights don’t seem to suit me very well. I wondered if my … Continue reading

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