A Photo a Day in June ….June 21st

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The pretty market town of Beverley in East Yorkshire, has many delights. The jewel in its crown is surely the magnificent Beverley Minster, but it also boasts North Bar,  a 15th century gateway to the town and many old buildings and quirky little lanes.

It was founded in 700 AD and was once the tenth-largest town in England and the inspiration for the naming of Beverley, Massachusetts and Beverley Hills in California.

And ….. it has other little surprises dotted around its streets and buildings.

Above you see a photo of two paintings, placed high on a wall above the busy pedestrian precinct in Butcher Row.  They are high quality reproductions of original paintings by Fred Elwell, who was born in Beverley in 1870. He married Mary Dawson, who was also an artist and they lived in the town, at Bar House, North Bar.

Beverley and the surrounding areas were a great source of inspiration for them both and, on his death in 1958, he bequeathed many of his works and those of his wife too, to Beverley Art Gallery.

Beverley Art Gallery and Beverley Civic Society worked together to ensure that the people of Beverley could enjoy the paintings in settings that had inspired the artists and so now 22 ….yes 22 .… of Fred and Mary’s paintings adorn the highways and byways of this lovely town.

I have not yet managed to see all of them, but here are two I spotted yesterday, they were both painted by Fred Elwell.

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I do hope you will go  ‘Painting Spotting‘  if you are ever in Beverley …… a map of the locations of all the paintings can be obtained from the ERYC Tourist Office or the Beverley Art Gallery.

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A Photo a Day in June …. June 20th

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The photo shows two traditional ways of keeping cool in the hot weather …………….


The paper and bamboo fan must be over 15 years old and is a little rough around the edges now.  It was given to me back in my  ‘dog-grooming’  days.

One extremely hot summer’s day,  my co-worker, Pat and I were struggling to cope with the heat of the grooming salon. We could not use electric fans because the combination of hot dog dryers, sweaty bodies and flying dog hair, would have soon resulted in the two of us resembling  ‘Chewbacca’ …… or some type of brush and comb wielding werewolf.

Anyway, it seems that one of our clients noticed our predicament when he dropped off his dog for grooming. ……… well, two lobster-faced ladies standing in a pool of perspiration was not easy to miss …….

This particular client was one of our  ‘regulars’  and knew us quite well, so when he returned a couple of hours later, to collect his pet, he brought two of these fans.  A white one for Pat and this red one for me. Apparently he worked for the airline and so had an abundance of these wonderful, traditional Japanese fans.   (We really did have the loveliest clients)

And, oh my goodness, the fans certainly helped. We kept cool and relatively hair-free !

Now, I have no idea if Pat has still got her fan, but, as you can see, mine is still going strong and has survived two house moves.  And, although its getting rather tatty, I would not part with it …..it really does work and has helped me keep cool on many a hot day and looks elegant, too !

Sometimes the old ideas are the best …….. I wish I could get another one ……..







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A Photo a Day in June …. June 19th




19 days ago a very kind neighbour gave me some seed peas.  I carefully planted them in two long planters and protected them from the birds and squirrels with netting ……also given to me by the kind neighbour.

Sadly, my dreams of eating gorgeous little peas, straight from the pod, will probably never come to fruition.  A couple of plants are doing well, but the majority of green shoots are being munched by the dreaded slugs.

I refuse to use nasty chemicals to kill them, I have a dog and there are many other neighbourhood pets and slug pellets are poisonous.

My flower garden is also suffering and I have lost many precious plants, so I had to fight back somehow and I am happy to report that I have had a little success with a container of yeasty liquid, which I sink into the ground ……. the slugs don’t seem to be able to resist it and leap to a watery death, rather like lemmings.  I guess I will have to try it in my planters, too………..

So, because my photo of the peas is so disappointing, I bring you some pics of these glorious SWEET PEAS. 

They were also given to me by a kind neighbour …… I’m very lucky, aren’t I ?




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A Photo a Day in June …. June 18th



to my dear old Dad and all the other fathers, whether they are still with us or not.




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A Photo a Day in June …. June 17th

IMG_0480 (1)


Well, I did tell you that there is always something going on in Skidby village, didn’t I ?  And the Annual Scarecrow Festival is no exception.

No doubt I will be posting more information and photos of the event, as it happens ….but the advertising posters are going up everywhere at the moment, so I thought I would give you a  ‘heads up’ !

And here are a few photos from previous Scarecrow Festivals ….




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A Photo a Day in June …. June 16th



This is a bangle that I found recently, in a charity shop.


It was a most serendipitous find as, on inspection, I discovered it was made by  ‘Chrysallis’  and is called  ‘LUCKY STAR’ …..

I adore it, not least because of its beautiful simplicity, but because of the sentiment it carries.

Apparently, according to legend, this symbol was designed by Pythagoras and represents perfection and the mysteries of the Universe.  It will guide the wearer in times of darkness and enable the stars to determine ones good fortunes.

Well ….. I am not at all superstitious, but I find the whole idea rather charming and it makes me realise that I should   “Thank my lucky stars”  more often.  We all should !

I have so much to be grateful for, so many  blessings ….  family, friends, enough food to eat and a roof over my head. And in these times of darkness, sorrow and terror, these blessing become even more important.

So, today and every day, I’m going to endeavour to be thankful for everything I HAVE, because the things I DON’T have are not important.

Why not count your  ‘Lucky Stars’  too …………………. ?




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A Photo a Day in June …. June 15th



This is my lawn, just before the lawn-mower begins its murderous path across the daisy-strewn greenness.

I love daisies, with their cheerful little faces and simple beauty and I’m always sad to see them cut down in their prime. But, the thing is ….they will be back in a couple of days.

Yep …. no matter how many times we cut them down ….back they come.

 They have Resilience  ….. that’s what I like about them.

We could learn a lot from daisies ……..





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A Photo a Day in June …. June 14th



GRENFELL TOWER …. LONDON ….. June 14th 2017



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A Photo a Day in June …… June 13th


FullSizeRender (7)


Today, as I was passing one of the many lovely bookshops in Beverley, I noticed these books on display in the window.

I was rather amused by the titles and so I  took these photos.

I don’t think any further comment is needed, do you …………………………?



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A Photo a Day in June …… June 12th




Today I have been to the local chemist to pick up my medication.  I do this every two months and this is what I get …….

Yep ….. all these pills and potions just to keep one aging woman  “upright and sniffing the air”  ….. Nine different items !!

All I can say is,

” Thank god for the wonderful NHS, without which I would have died a long time ago. And,  even at the reasonable cost of £8.60 per item, thank heavens for free prescriptions, for older people, too. “

Yes, I most certainly would have died when giving birth to my son 47 years ago. I had to have an emergency C-section and we would never have been able to afford that and the  superb after-care that I received.

Our NHS is the envy of the world and rightly so.

Now, I’m not going to have a political rant about the various parties and their mandates ….no, I think we’ve all had enough of that, recently.  But, I’m sure we all know just who to trust with this precious service ……….

My family have all got reasons to be thankful for our magnificent Health Service …..and I’m sure you have too. So, lets do all we can to protect this marvellous  system and  the dedicated staff.

After all …… you never know when you might need it ………………….




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