Make-up Fixing Spray …… Review



Last Christmas I stayed with my daughter, son-in-law and two of my grand-children.

My grand-daughter, Lillian, received lots of make-up kits and various creams, sprays and cleansers as gifts.   She is 16 and a very talented actress and singer and is going to do a Drama course at college in September.  This will also include a  make-up and beauty course and I have to say that she is already quite the expert in this subject.

During the holidays she gave me a bit of a  ‘make-over’ …. and, when my face was absolutely perfect she sprayed the whole wonderful effect with a  ‘fixing spray‘ ……

Now, in the past ….or should I say  the  ‘dark ages‘  ….. when I was a lot younger,  I used to spray my face with Evian water to sort of  set  my make-up.  And, apparently, models and make-up artists used to use  HAIR SPRAY  to  fix  their faces  !!!

Though the latter method seems to me to be rather risky and certainly not very good for the skin ……. I can imagine how that would work  ….though I would never try it……..  NEVER   ( Please don’t try it at home !)

But, I was rather intrigued by the idea of a special spray ….it was something that I didn’t realise was actually available …..I know !  Where have I been ? 

So ….never one to pass up a new beauty product, I decided to give it a try !

I guess I was distracted by a few things because I forgot all about it until a couple of weeks ago……..

I was browsing in a local Shopping Mall …..trying to escape from the cold and rain ….and I noticed a  Superdrug  store.  Then I remembered ….FIXING SPRAY !

An extremely helpful young assistant noticed that I was floundering around ….I hadn’t the faintest idea what I was looking for, because I couldn’t remember the name of the spray Lillian had used.  So, the dear girl showed me all the various sprays and outlined the benefits of each one.  I was very impressed with her knowledge of the various products …their prices, makes etc………. “Well done Superdrug !

And, though I told her that price was not necessarily an issue, she recommended this one


…….which, coincidentally turned out to be the very same make that my grand-daughter had used.

So, after using it for 2 weeks…….. …..  What do I think ?


Well, it comes in a neat white, plastic bottle with black and gold lettering and looks quite snazzy.  Certainly not cheap-looking packaging, despite the fact that this was the cheapest spray available.

Because it was the cheapest, I didn’t expect it to be very good …..I know, I know …but I always think that expensive things must be better.  

However,  once again,  I have to eat my words ……..

A very fine spray is delivered immediately ….no need to do a  trial spray  first.  There was no clogging or sudden  squirts of liquid that often occur with non-aerosol sprays. Also, the spray of product, though naturally cool, is not so cold that you jump out of your skin and its a GENTLE spray that doesn’t knock you backwards into the shower cubicle or medicine cabinet !

“But does it work ? ”   I hear you asking ……

Well …. YES … jolly well does !

I sprayed it over my  maquillage  at 8.30 one morning and then set off for a days shopping.  This also involved travelling on public transport and having lunch.  I went in and out of heated stores ….tried on various dresses and tops ….walked through wind and drizzle …and lunched in, what felt like,  a tropically-heated restaurant, before travelling home by bus. And my make-up was still perfect, with no  touching-up  or sneaky peeking in my powder-compact mirror !

Usually my eye-shadow would have faded somewhat or, perhaps, creased a little. And my foundation and blusher would definitely have slipped southwards ……………. But was this a fluke ?

Well …all I can say is that I have been using this marvellous little spray for 2 weeks now ….on full-face makeup and on a quick slap of BB cream and mascara …..and I really like it.  I am not a bit surprised that  MAKEUP REVOLUTION  is fast becoming popular among those ‘in the know’ ……..Apparently their Limited Edition Makeup Palettes were very hot sellers over the Christmas period.

Well, I can’t comment further on their makeup as I haven’t tried it ….But I  DO  recommend their  FIXING SPRAY …, if you are in the market for something that means you don’t have to constantly check the mirror or carry enough makeup to stock a Dior beauty counter wherever you go, do give it a try. It really does work !


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2 Responses to Make-up Fixing Spray …… Review

  1. El says:

    I need to make a mental note to try this. I’ve tried the MAC Fix + spray but something more affordable would be amazing! 🙂 x


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