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‘Carpe Diem’ or Something …….Day 4 of 100

    Last night there was the most glorious sunset. The clouds seemed to be lit from within with a wonderful opalescence of lustrous, mother-of-pearl shades.  Romantic blush pinks, through to coral; cerise; deep rose red and finally an intense, velvety … Continue reading

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Red Shoes ……. Day 3 of 100

  I know ….I know ….These are not RED ….but bear with me, please.   You see ….I love shoes ….adore them ….. almost as much as I love handbags …… but I have a problem. I used to have … Continue reading

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Making Notes and Hoarding Notebooks …… Day 2 of 100

  Well, here I am, on the second day of my 100 Day Challenge and already floundering …… wondering what on earth to write about. I did have some ideas, but …………………….. I suffer from insomnia, as some of you … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Challenge ……Day 1

  Well, here we go again.  I just can’t leave well-enough alone, can I ? In spite of all my advice to other bloggers that ….. “It really doesn’t matter …..Blogging is supposed to be fun and we shouldn’t feel … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend and Family Traditions

Gosh ….where does the time go ?  I can actually remember the day this photo was taken …..I know its almost unbelievable, but I really can. My Dad was still in the army and we lived in  ‘Married Quarters’ near … Continue reading

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Broken Glass

  I don’t listen to  ‘The Archers’ ….in fact I don’t follow any soap.  However, I have noticed a lot of comments on Twitter concerning a story-line about  ‘Domestic Abuse’.   Apparently the story involves the classic  ‘Control freak’ ….isolating … Continue reading

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Meningitis ……Is £75 Per Child REALLY Too Much ?

  Approximately 14 years ago, one of my grandchildren became ill. Caitlin was lethargic, complaining that her  “head hurt” and also vomiting. As she was only 3 years old, my daughter-in-law, Tracey, phoned the local Medical centre, only to be … Continue reading

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A Dreadful Waste

      Having spent some quality time, recently, with my lovely grandchildren, I was startled by how quickly they are growing up.  The youngest is now a cheerful and delightfully charming 8 years old. …….Which is, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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Sexism, Ageism and International Women’s Day

    The other day I bought a box of assorted books from a Charity shop.   I adore books and have far too many, really.  All my bookshelves are over-flowing ……. I also have little stacks of books tucked … Continue reading

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“Start a Blog”, they said …….

  ” Start a blog …..”,  they said. ” It will be fun …”,  they said. And, to be fair, most days it is. However, I have a compulsive personality; I always feel obliged to do any undertaking to the … Continue reading

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