I haven’t visited my blog for a considerable time. But that doesn’t mean I have been idle. After all, I did the whole of NaMoPoMo, but I published the poems on a private writing site on the dreaded FaceBook. I also write the occasional piece on that same site, so, you see, I have spread my wings a little further than normal.

However, my BIG news is … I’ve begun a novel ! YES … a real, proper, murder mystery novel.

So, if you wonder where the heck I’ve gone ( I’m flattering myself, I know ) well I can be found on my private WordPress page … (well you can’t find me ‘cos its private, but you know what I mean )

When I have anything decent to show you, you will be the first to know.


About rosiewrites2

She never drinks the water, makes you order French Champagne..........
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1 Response to Hello

  1. AnneMarie says:

    *grabs popcorn, deerstalker and magnifying glass and waits ready and prepared……. bravo on beginning this exciting journey, good luck wrangling with your unruly characters.


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