Nail Polish …The Best of the Best ….. Day 7 of 100


OPI ‘I’m Not Really a Waitress’


In my  new-found  capacity as a  ‘Beauty Blogger‘ …..yeah, right …hohoho ! ….. I have been asked which brand of  Nail Polish I favour.

Well, in my humble opinion there are 4 brands that lead the way and are heads above all others. And these are ;


China Glaze

Nails Inc.

Leighton Denny

They are the best for innovative Nail Care Products; their fabulous Range of Colours; the  Ease of Application and, probably the most important element,  Durability of the Polish. And, my absolute favourite from these brands is the marvellous  O.P.I.

I find that O.P.I. polishes just glide on …the application brush is thick and luxurious and so it is perfectly possible to use the  ‘3-stroke‘ method,  just like the professional Nail Salon manicurists…..You know; one stroke at each side of the nail and then one down the middle …….

I always use a base coat,  two applications of colour and …..and this is essential …. A TOP COAT …… and find that I can easily get 7 days wear, with no chips or loose edges or colour-fade, often much longer.

I have tried all brands of Nail Polish ….from the really cheap stuff for £2 a bottle to the premium  ‘Fashion Designer‘ brands at £16 -£20 a pop ….and with the rare exception of a couple of Dior polishes, I have never found anything better. For me, O.P.I. ticks all the boxes, and, though the usual price of around £12 may be more than you like to pay ….its flipping well worth it.   The polish is not only durable on the nail ….. it is  long-lasting in the bottle, too.  I have some colours that were purchased 4 – 5  years ago ….and they are still absolutely fine……. you can’t say that about the cheaper brands, which seem to go all  ‘gloopy‘ in no time at all !

I also love the quirky, rather tongue-in-cheek names that O.P.I. use, though, of course this has nothing to do with anything ….but I’m silly like that.

And my favourite colour ….the one I always return to …..the one that I have purchased many times ….my signature colour ……. ?

Its this …………………

IMG01511-20140808-1538 (1)

Yes ….. of course its “ I’m Not Really a Waitress ” !!




I must emphasise that this is only my opinion. …… I am not paid to advertise one brand against another and receive no free samples. 

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5 Responses to Nail Polish …The Best of the Best ….. Day 7 of 100

  1. Isabelle says:

    Love this review 💖 keep up the great posts!


  2. UByDesign says:

    Essie have some great colours, especially the sheer type which only leaves shine – very natural.


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