Nivea Micellar Water …….Day 12 of 100



Have you tried the new face cleansing sensation  yet ?

Perhaps you are hesitating ……I know I did ….. thinking that its nothing more than a bottle of plain old ordinary water, all dressed up to look fancy and part you from your money.  Maybe you think its all a silly gimmick …I did …..

Well, I was wrong and you would be too !

Micellar Water is a new generation of cleanser ….yes REALLY !

Oh, disregard the  ‘Water‘  bit ….that put me off too . I really can’t remember the last time my face was exposed to actual WATER !  I always use proper cleansers and creams. Even when I lived in West Yorkshire, where the water is as soft as a summer breeze and feels like swans-down on your skin, my face rarely felt its gentle touch.  But here, in East Yorkshire, the water  is so full of chemicals and rough enough to strip the enamel off your teeth ….oh my goodness, the thought of it makes me shudder.

But Micellar Water is something altogether different. It contains magical properties ….No, you’d better disregard that statement …I can’t actually say that, can I ?   But it SEEMS magical because it actually attracts dirt and make-up just like a magnet !


There are quite a few brands that offer their version of Micellar Water  Cleansers and I have tried  ‘Simple‘  and  ‘Garnier‘ to name but two and they all seem to be good.  But when I saw this Nivea one on sale for  HALF  its retail price ….well, I just had to give it a go …..and I’m so glad I did because I love it !

I found that it performed just as well, if not better than more expensive brands. My skin was cleansed thoroughly,  with no rubbing or rinsing.  That’s the magic of Micellar Water ….. you don’t need to rub.  Just put some on a cotton pad and wipe gently over your skin and …. voila ! 

My face felt soft, not at all tight or red. My skin was fresh and glowingly cleansed.  And it effectively and gently removes  EYE MAKE-UP too  ……..  A wonderful bonus,  I think, as many eye make-up removers seem to irritate my eyelids and make my eyes watery.  This cleanser didn’t do that !

Oh yes …..  One of the ingredients is  Grape Seed Oil ……. I wonder if that was what left my skin feeling so comfortably moisturised and supple …. ?

So, I would most definitely recommend this product.  Even at  its full retail price of approx £3.99 it is a bargain.

Nivea may be a budget range, nowadays, but it is still a tried and trusted brand.  Of course I love the luxury packaging and perceived privilege of the more up-market brands but Nivea always seems to deliver good value and results.  And ….. my dear Nana used Nivea  EVERY DAY for as long as I can remember and I have  NEVER  seen anyone with smother, softer, more beautiful skin.

The brand was established in 1882 and is still going strong … it must be doing something right, don’t you think ?


P.S. I bought a whole bag full of  half-price  Nivea skin products so will let you know what I think after trying them out.




I was not approached by Nivea nor any other company to write this review.  These are my own, honest opinions and I have received no reward, in the form of money or products, for this article. 

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