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Another Old Post

  Well, as promised, here is another of my old stories.  Please just scroll on by, with my apologies, if you have read it before. The lovely magnolias are vaguely relevant to the tale, but I really wish I could … Continue reading

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Promises to Keep

  Today I find that things are positively  QUEUING UP to be done. Apart from the everyday chores and tasks ……cleaning; cooking etc etc. I have so many ideas for blog posts that my brain is full of whirling thoughts. … Continue reading

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The mighty Mississippi has travelled many hundreds of miles by the time it reaches Louisiana and meanders on down to the City of New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico. Many tributaries criss-cross the marshlands and small communities have grown … Continue reading

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Good Luck ………………..( Day 9 of NaBloPoMo )

    I am not in the least bit superstitious; don’t have a single belief in prophesies or voodoo.  I recklessly walk under ladders; gleefully open umbrellas indoors and cross knives on tables.  I have never counted magpies;  worried about … Continue reading

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