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A Photo a Day in June …….. June 4th

      LONDON JUNE 3rd 2017 Once again we mourn the loss and injury of innocent people, caught up in an evil and cowardly terrorist attack. Once again, extremists commit murder in the name of religion and try to … Continue reading

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A Tale For Hallowe’en

    Today is All Hallows Eve, a time of witches and ghouls and all manner of strange happenings. Blog pages will be full of scary stories and ghastly doings, all designed to scare the life out of you.   So, … Continue reading

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The Stuff of Nightmares ……Re-Blogged

    I have always been fascinated by dreams.  They are such strange things, aren’t they ? One wonders, sometimes, how on earth our brains invent the weird and wonderful scenarios that drift through our heads while we are asleep. … Continue reading

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Playing Games

” Wham !” …. The asteroid slammed into the side of the space-ship, causing the protective force-field to rupture. A shock-wave rippled through the craft, sending all loose objects flying through the air. The intrepid ‘hero’ bounced, heavily against the … Continue reading

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