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One for Colin

  A Facebook friend has been asking for more of my stories, so I am re-posting this old one.  I apologise if you’ve read it in a previous post. I hope to return to writing new stories very soon.    … Continue reading

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Day 14 of 100 Pleats ……… Seeing Things From The Other Side

Day 14 of the 100 Pleats Challenge ……that’s TWO WHOLE WEEKS !!   So ….I thought it was about time you all had a different view ……. a look at the Other Side of my French Pleat. All my other photos have shown the … Continue reading

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Fitting In

The first time I saw her, she was a thin, scrawny little scrap of humanity, of maybe about 9 or 10. Blonde hair stuck to her face by wind and rain, her little hooded coat less than adequate against the … Continue reading

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Phantom Pregnancies and Kitchen Timers ………. Day 52 of 100

Hahaha …..I wonder how many of you assumed that, from the title of this blog post, I had an interesting announcement ……………. But no, it is my Afghan Hound, Carys, who is having a phantom pregnancy.  This is something that … Continue reading

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