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A Photo a Day in June …… June 12th

  THANK GOD FOR THE  ‘NHS ‘ ! Today I have been to the local chemist to pick up my medication.  I do this every two months and this is what I get ……. Yep ….. all these pills and … Continue reading

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Spring Resolutions

  I don’t make New Year Resolutions. Of course, I used to, back in the days when I was innocent and naive enough to believe that I would keep them. When the world was a much simpler place and everything … Continue reading

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Piper Alpha …….. Another Year Passes

  Wednesday the 6th of July is a significant date in our family.  It is the anniversary of the Piper Alpha Disaster. Many of you already know about my family’s experience of this tragic event and so you may wish … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Blip ……. Day 16 of 100

  I’m afraid I haven’t much to offer you today, dear readers …..I’m having a bit of a blip and feel particularly unwell. The symptoms of my  parathyroid disease are quite acute at the moment.  Extreme dizziness; nausea and a … Continue reading

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