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A Photo a Day in June …. June 15th

  This is my lawn, just before the lawn-mower begins its murderous path across the daisy-strewn greenness. I love daisies, with their cheerful little faces and simple beauty and I’m always sad to see them cut down in their prime. … Continue reading

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Nivea Micellar Water …….Day 12 of 100

  Have you tried the new face cleansing sensation  yet ? Perhaps you are hesitating ……I know I did ….. thinking that its nothing more than a bottle of plain old ordinary water, all dressed up to look fancy and … Continue reading

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Nail Polish …The Best of the Best ….. Day 7 of 100

  In my  new-found  capacity as a  ‘Beauty Blogger‘ …..yeah, right …hohoho ! ….. I have been asked which brand of  Nail Polish I favour. Well, in my humble opinion there are 4 brands that lead the way and are heads … Continue reading

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The Best Hand Cream in the World ? ……Day 5 of 100

  I have always looked after my hands ….in fact I am obsessively careful about the skin all over my body …. After all, its our largest organ and its what keeps all our insides IN ! But,  my obsession … Continue reading

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Make-up Fixing Spray …… Review

  Last Christmas I stayed with my daughter, son-in-law and two of my grand-children. My grand-daughter, Lillian, received lots of make-up kits and various creams, sprays and cleansers as gifts.   She is 16 and a very talented actress and … Continue reading

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A Prize …. Just For Watching TV !

E   Look what dropped through my letterbox this morning ! Isn’t it beautiful ?  And all I did to earn it was watch TV …..yes….REALLY !   “WHAT ?”, I hear you shout ……..   “HOW CAN THAT BE … Continue reading

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Serendipity* and Hair Accessories

I think I must have the worst type of hair in the world ! Fine, wispy, slightly wavy and not very thick …….. it has always been a constant battle to achieve the  ‘look’  I want. I have tried short … Continue reading

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