A Story at Christmas



I always post a little story for Christmas, it’s one of my traditions. And, even though this festive season, for me, has already been tinged with sadness with the recent loss of my dear father, I know he would want me to keep up with my writing.  However, I cannot guarantee that this will be one of my best …….. 


A Christmas Story

Panic ! Panic ! Panic !

The window just would not budge !

She had experienced these panic attacks before.  Oh yes ~ probably three times before ~ It was always in this type of situation, always her own stupid fault.

She could feel the fear rising in her chest as she pushed and strained at the window latch. Every muscle in her body ached with the effort ~ but the flipping thing seemed to be stuck fast. She was feeling dizzy now ~ the room was so warm and yet the snow lay, cold, deep and inviting outside.

Panic ! Panic ! Panic !

The fire burned brightly in the quaint, inglenook fireplace. Its warmth filled the room, mingling with the wonderful, woody aroma of juniper, holly and  the fresh, green scent of pine needles. She turned to look behind her, sending a couple of Christmas cards fluttering to the floor, from their proud position on the window-sill.  Startled, she surveyed the scene before her.

A large Scots pine ~  freshly cut and brought indoors from the little forest just beyond the garden gate ~ stood in a corner, awaiting the adornment of the multitude of glittering Christmas ornaments. They had tumbled out of their box and now lay, strewn across the deep red carpet. In her alarm she had caused chaos and disarray, sending baubles and tinsel showering across the room as she dashed to the window.

She was trembling with fear now.  Bile filled her throat ……….

“Too warm ! Too warm !”

The door to the room had slammed shut and this damn window was the only way to get some air, some relief from this feeling of dread. If only the obstinate catch would move; if the window would open a little …….

She must get it open ! She must ……………………

“Come quickly, come quickly”

A voice from the hallway …….

“Please hurry, Mum”

Then the door was flung open and a young girl entered the room, followed  closely by her harassed mother, in a flour-dusted apron and disapproving frown.

” Oh, good heavens ! You haven’t even started on the tree. And why are the decorations all over the floor ? Be careful, you will break them !”


Mother gazed around the room and then ………………….

” Oh for heaven’s sake, Carol, close that window immediately, you’re letting all the heat out.  It’s freezing ! Now come on , I’m too busy with the mince pies to listen to your nonsense. There’s NOTHING here !”

Carol walked dejectedly to the open window and peered out into the night. The snow glistened in the moonlight and the trees cast dark, mysterious shadows across the frosty garden.

” But mum, I really DID see an ice fairy ! She was asleep in the branches of the Christmas tree ! I did see her …… I DID !” ………………………….




Now all that remains is for me to wish you and yours a very happy festive season.  Whether or not you celebrate Christmas time : whether you are Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jehovah’s Witness, Jewish, Mormon, Buddhist, agnostic, Pagan or simply don’t know what you are. If you are sick or nursing someone who is ill.  If you are rich or poor or just bumbling along.  If you are mourning the loss of a loved one.   Whether you are in the bosom of your family, working over the holidays or all alone ……ESPECIALLY if you are all alone …. I wish you peace and happiness …. but most of all I wish you love. 

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2 Responses to A Story at Christmas

  1. Rockleigh says:

    Both story and your Christmas wish has made me cry,
    Such a beautiful message Thank you Rosie, x

    Liked by 1 person

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