A Photo a Day in June …. June 27th



I found this tagine in a local charity shop, this morning.

It didn’t appear to have a price ticket or sticker on it and so I asked one of the assistants about it.

The woman said that it wasn’t priced because none of the assistants knew what it was, or what it could be used for. I proceeded to explain that it was a  ‘tagine’  and was used in Moroccan cooking.

” How on earth can you cook in that ? And what the heck would you cook in it ?

was the rather puzzled reply.

So, to avoid further distress I offered to take it off their hands………. especially when one of the assistants suggested, rather nervously, that it could be purchased for the princely sum of ………. £2 …. !!




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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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3 Responses to A Photo a Day in June …. June 27th

  1. Rockleigh says:

    TWO POUNDS !!!!!!
    I’d have bitten their hand off.
    Well done, all round for Lamb with couscous … nom nom xx

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