A Photo a Day in June …. June 20th

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The photo shows two traditional ways of keeping cool in the hot weather …………….


The paper and bamboo fan must be over 15 years old and is a little rough around the edges now.  It was given to me back in my  ‘dog-grooming’  days.

One extremely hot summer’s day,  my co-worker, Pat and I were struggling to cope with the heat of the grooming salon. We could not use electric fans because the combination of hot dog dryers, sweaty bodies and flying dog hair, would have soon resulted in the two of us resembling  ‘Chewbacca’ …… or some type of brush and comb wielding werewolf.

Anyway, it seems that one of our clients noticed our predicament when he dropped off his dog for grooming. ……… well, two lobster-faced ladies standing in a pool of perspiration was not easy to miss …….

This particular client was one of our  ‘regulars’  and knew us quite well, so when he returned a couple of hours later, to collect his pet, he brought two of these fans.  A white one for Pat and this red one for me. Apparently he worked for the airline and so had an abundance of these wonderful, traditional Japanese fans.   (We really did have the loveliest clients)

And, oh my goodness, the fans certainly helped. We kept cool and relatively hair-free !

Now, I have no idea if Pat has still got her fan, but, as you can see, mine is still going strong and has survived two house moves.  And, although its getting rather tatty, I would not part with it …..it really does work and has helped me keep cool on many a hot day and looks elegant, too !

Sometimes the old ideas are the best …….. I wish I could get another one ……..








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