A Photo a Day in June …… June 12th




Today I have been to the local chemist to pick up my medication.  I do this every two months and this is what I get …….

Yep ….. all these pills and potions just to keep one aging woman  “upright and sniffing the air”  ….. Nine different items !!

All I can say is,

” Thank god for the wonderful NHS, without which I would have died a long time ago. And,  even at the reasonable cost of £8.60 per item, thank heavens for free prescriptions, for older people, too. “

Yes, I most certainly would have died when giving birth to my son 47 years ago. I had to have an emergency C-section and we would never have been able to afford that and the  superb after-care that I received.

Our NHS is the envy of the world and rightly so.

Now, I’m not going to have a political rant about the various parties and their mandates ….no, I think we’ve all had enough of that, recently.  But, I’m sure we all know just who to trust with this precious service ……….

My family have all got reasons to be thankful for our magnificent Health Service …..and I’m sure you have too. So, lets do all we can to protect this marvellous  system and  the dedicated staff.

After all …… you never know when you might need it ………………….





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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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One Response to A Photo a Day in June …… June 12th

  1. Rockleigh says:

    I concur, may god bless the NHS, or whoever your god is.
    Keep taking the pills my dear, xxx


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