Anther Month, Another Challenge



Today is the last day of May and the weather is glorious. Tomorrow it will be June and then half the year will be gone ……. and what have I achieved ?

Well …… nothing really. I’m stuck in the doldrums, barely able to function, let alone post anything much on my woefully neglected blog.

But this cannot go on, for goodness sake its absolutely ridiculous.  I am extremely lucky ; I have a lovely family and some wonderful friends.  I have a roof over my head and enough to eat.  Clothes to wear and a little disposable income ……… so why am I so flipping fed-up ?

I happened to mention this to someone at the weekend and she said,

“Ok, I challenge you to post at least a PHOTO a day throughout June.  Surely you can manage that ?”

So, that is what I am going to do.  Hopefully it will get me into the swing again.  Perhaps I will even write a little piece to accompany the photo ……. who knows.

And if any of you are feeling the same, do please join in the challenge ……… I’m looking at you PAUL !!

See you tomorrow …………………….





About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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2 Responses to Anther Month, Another Challenge

  1. AnneMarie says:

    Oh I can so relate to the stagnant doldrums. It often hits me across the face when my limitations, my confinement, my lack of choice stops me from doing something I desire. I’m trying to be productive and see that productiveness even if it is just tidying the desk, or clearing the washed dishes away.

    With these post everyday photo things, are they photos the person has taken, either that day or before, or post anything a picture, meme, quote that hold some resonance?

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  2. rosiewrites2 says:

    I guess you can use any photo you like. There are no set rules, just do what makes you happy. It’s the fact that you are posting every day that counts. 🙂


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