World Photo Day





Today is World Photography Day ….a day to celebrate our passion for photos.

Where would we be without them ? I really can’t imagine, can you ?  They are part of our everyday life ….we are bombarded with images everywhere we look.

Bill-boards and posters ….. magazines and newspapers ….social media and blogging ….. all these platforms are enhanced by vibrant pictures.  Images; images; images ….

Almost everyone has a camera nowadays …. yes, right there on the smart-phone that we all carry. So now we can take a  ‘selfie‘  and send it around the world in seconds …… We can click away to our hearts content and share our pictures instantly; with family and work colleagues ;Twitter pals and Facebook friends.

We have come a long way from the early days of photography, when people had to stand, stock-still, for many, many minutes while the photographer carefully caught the image on a metal plate.

And so, to join in the celebrations and mark the importance of this marvellous invention, I thought I would share a few of my favourite photos …… ones I have actually taken myself.

 All taken on my ‘bottom-of-the-range’ Android smart-phone …….










I have deliberately avoided using any of my favourite photos of family etc …… There are far too many ……….. we would be here for days …………………………………

So ….how about posting some of your photos too ?



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