Seven Days of Random Photos ……Day 1 …… Bring and Buy Books

In an effort to get back into the swing of things and begin blogging regularly again, I challenged myself to post a photo every day for 7 days.  I have done these challenges in the past, but they have usually been ‘100 Days of ……’

Well, I know that I am not ….definitely NOT …. up to posting 100 days of ANYTHING at the moment……. but a dear friend recently posted 7 days of nature-inspired photos and that inspired me.  ( Thank you PAUL ) So, I decided to post 7 rather random photos, with no real theme to link them other than they seemed relevant on the day !






It seems that wherever I go, recently, I notice these ‘Bring and Buy‘ book sales ….all for charity.  They are in supermarkets, libraries, coffee shops and even, as you can see from these photos, in doctor’s surgeries.




Now this is admirable and I’m sure that the charities that benefit from the book sales are very grateful …… but …..

To a bookaholic like me it means that I exit every place I visit, laden with more books. And my home is already bulging at the seams with hardbacks and paperbacks of practically every genre.

Byron, Alan Bennett and Wilde jostle for shelf space with Fitzgerald and Bill Bryson. Shakespeare cuddles up to Maeve Binchy and Stephen Fry tries to outsmart Virginia Woolf. ……. and fails !  Even Agatha Christie has to give way to Anne Tyler occasionally. …..Yes, I will read most things; fact or fiction, biographies, thrillers, poetry, the classic novels and the latest Sunday Times Bestseller.

I’ve been that way since the age of about 4, when I first read Hans Christian Anderson …. I guess you could say that I love books.

And there’s the problem …..

With all these extra outlets I am not restricted to buying either online or in designated bookshops …….. I can have a simple blood test, or appointment for some routine medical thing and come home with a bag full of books ………..

To paraphrase the movie  ‘Jaws‘ …… ” I’m gonna need a bigger house …”


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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2 Responses to Seven Days of Random Photos ……Day 1 …… Bring and Buy Books

  1. Rockleigh says:

    I can relate to this addiction, of course it’s rude not to.
    How fantastic to see you here and back on form, Thankyou for the link also.
    I too am struggling, but I’m giving it another go.
    Afraid to say that of the many many books I have purchased likewise, most have not been read, but I do try to.
    It’s been a hectic time for both of us recently, and I just knew you couldn’t keep away.
    Take care and easy as it goes.
    Much love

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rosiewrites2 says:

    Aw, bless you Paul, its good to be back and I will definitely be taking it steady.

    Yes, I know what you mean ….I would probably have to live to be 150 before I could possibly read all the books that litter my home.

    Take care sweetheart xx


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