The Bridge ….. Day 15 of 100



This morning the sun shone brightly in East Yorkshire and there was definitely a hint of spring in the air ….. ( Its clouded over now ….ho hum !)

I had to go out, to one of those out-of-town shopping centres.  You know ……  one of those bland, featureless deserts full of huge warehouse-like stores…… The ones that sell carpets; beds or DIY products.

I really dislike those places, with their grey car-parks and enormous, cumbersome shopping-trollies.  They are without any redeeming features, completely characterless, with no soul.

But at least the drive was pleasant.  It was sunny and warm;  leaves are beginning to sprout on the trees and bushes that line the road and I had a magnificent view ……..

The greater part of my journey took me alongside the river and, though it was still slightly shrouded in early morning mist, that had not yet been burnt back by the sun ….  the gigantic structure of the Humber Bridge never fails to delight and amaze me.



Here it is ….in the hazy distance …. spanning the deep and rather murky waters of the Humber Estuary …………………





……….. It looks so graceful, don’t you think ?


I live a mere 5 miles away and so I see it often, but I’m still in awe and even a little intimidated, by this wonderful feat of engineering.

It may not be as famous and iconic as The Golden Gate Bridge in California ….. but its rather splendid, nevertheless !


 In case you are interested……. here are a few random facts about the Bridge;


  • It is a single-span suspension bridge and is 2,220 metres long …. Thats 7,280 ft or 1.38 miles.
  • Its height is 155.5 metres.
  • When it opened in June 1981, it was the longest of its type in the world. However, its only the 7th longest now …..which is still pretty good !
  • It has 4 lanes for traffic and carries over 120,000 vehicles per week.
  • It spans the Humber Estuary …. which is formed by the rivers Trent and Ouse ….from Hessle on its north bank to Barton-upon-Humber on the south bank. Thus connecting the East Riding of Yorkshire with North Lincolnshire.
  • There have been over 200 incidents of people either jumping or falling from the bridge … with only 5 survivors.  A rather grisly fact to end on ….sorry about that !



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3 Responses to The Bridge ….. Day 15 of 100

  1. paulgarrard says:

    Been across it a few times. I likes a bridge 🙂

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  2. Ah, I can see the bridge for the edge of my village. It’s quite something.

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