The Best Hand Cream in the World ? ……Day 5 of 100



I have always looked after my hands ….in fact I am obsessively careful about the skin all over my body …. After all, its our largest organ and its what keeps all our insides IN !

But,  my obsession is due to rather less altruistic reasons …..I like to keep a youthful appearance and look as good as I possibly can…. okay, I’m vain, so sue me !

The  ‘beauty experts‘  say that hands are sneaky ….. that people can always tell your age, just by looking at the skin on your hands ….. Apparently, if you take a pinch of skin on the back of your hand and then let it go, your age in decades is indicated by how long the skin takes to settle …. let go, begin counting and  its one decade per number you count ……

Well, I’m not sure that is always true, but I’m taking no chances ………………….

During my working life, my hands always took the brunt of everything. You see,  I used to have a dog-grooming salon and so my poor old hands were in and out of water every day……with barely a minute to dry them.  I was handling wet dogs all day long; trimming them and clipping them and suffering nicks from scissors and sharp little  (and not so little) teeth many times a day. I just can’t work in rubber gloves ….I like to FEEL the coat. Even my hobby …Dog Showing …involved lots of grooming and being out in all weathers …walking dogs; feeding dogs; training dogs and running round in cold, outdoor show-rings ….all without gloves.

And do you know what kept my hands in lovely condition all that time ?

THIS …….



Yes, the fabulous L’Occitane Hand Cream is, in my opinion, quite simply the best hand cream in the world !

The wonderfully thick and rich formula, with 20% Shea butter, feels so luxurious. And yet it is absorbed so quickly, leaving no trace of greasiness. It always leaves my hands feeling well-nourished; comfortable and soft. Plus ….and, for me, its a GREAT BIG PLUS WITH POM-POMS ON .….. everyone says how good my hands look and feel !

The fresh, clean scent of the Shea Butter doesn’t clash with my perfume and makes it ideal for guys too. Of course, some of you may  like the added luxury of a scented hand cream ….and L’Occitane can oblige with delicately scented  Cherry Blossom; Neroli and Orchid; or the one pictured above ….the gorgeous Rose.

Yes, I realise that, at £19.00 per 150ml tube it isn’t the cheapest hand-cream in the world ….but, I have tried all the other brands and always come back to this. In most cases you get what you pay for ….

You use your hands every day so they deserve to be looked after ……………and if hands are such tell-tale  age-indicators, in’t it worth using the best ?



I have not been asked to write this article, nor have I received any payment.  These are my own opinions and my own, personal products.

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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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4 Responses to The Best Hand Cream in the World ? ……Day 5 of 100

  1. msalliance says:

    It’s my favourite too. And their foot cream is to die for.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. garnierbruno says:

    You should try Sampar “First Hand Cream”, little more expensive but 50ml, l’Occitane is 30ml where I live.


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