Red Shoes ……. Day 3 of 100



I know ….I know ….These are not RED ….but bear with me, please.


You see ….I love shoes ….adore them ….. almost as much as I love handbags …… but I have a problem.

I used to have dozens of pairs of pretty shoes ….sparkly shoes …. colourful shoes ….. all manner of shoes.

And they all had one thing in common ….. HEELS !

Kitten heels; wedge heels; stiletto heels ; vertiginous heels.  Heels I could walk all day in and those I could barely stand in.  Smart heels; party heels and  ‘car to bar‘  heels.

But ….yes flipping  BUT, it always rears its ugly head …..  I have had osteoarthritis in my knees for years ……. And it has got progressively worse as the years tick by.

Five years ago the lovely Mr Chakrabarti at The Nuffield Hospital in Huddersfield, did a marvellous job on my left knee ……….which was so bad that I couldn’t put weight on it and was contemplating a wheel-chair ……….  He syphoned out a jar-full of sharp bits of cartilage. (Yes ….really …he even gave me the jar and photos of the inside of my knee joint.)  

Apparently, footballers often have the same operation …..though I doubt I will ever be required to play in the National Football Team ……. at least, not anytime soon …..

But, I digress …..

Recently my knees have really been painful and so, in an attempt to avoid further surgery, I have had to abandon my beloved heels. This makes me sad because I am not very tall and so I really needed the extra height, but, its no good if I’m in pain ….and, by jiminy, I am.

Now, there are lots of pretty flat shoes out there and I have managed to find some in my size ….a tiny 3 …. But some of them are very uncomfortable and flimsy, aren’t they ?  And I find that I really crave comfort ………… And there’s the problem ! I mean, I may be old but I certainly don’t want to look about 90 years old …… I prefer to leave that until I am actually 90 ! And have you seen some of the clumpy, ugly offerings in the shoe-shops ?


So, last week I was in the lovely little market town of Beverley and I noticed the gold shoes; pictured above.  At first glance they looked rather frumpy, but were certainly nicer than many I had seen.  You see ….I have flat little sandals and ballet pumps ….. but they are not always suitable for our chilly, wet weather. I wanted something a little more substantial.  And these seemed to fit the bill.  They fitted and felt comfy and  DIDN’T  look grannyfied ……. so I bought them.

( Oh I’m sure many of you are thinking that they look horrendous and you wouldn’t be seen floating face-down in the river in them …. but needs must and you will get old one day …)

And they’ve barely been off my feet since I bought them …..I can’t even feel them, it’s like being bare-footed.

So, today I high-tailed it off to Beverley again, to see if they had them in RED ! ……….



And, guess what? ……………. THEY DID !

PS.  My Grandma always used to say, ” Red shoes, no knickers” ….but I assure you I am wearing some …honest !



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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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5 Responses to Red Shoes ……. Day 3 of 100

  1. paulgarrard says:

    Last night I saw Maggie Bell (who used to be in Stone The Crows) along with Dave Kelly. Maggie’s 71 and can still belt it out. She had a mighty fine pair of blue and black ‘brothel creeper’ style shoes with very thick crepe soles. Went well with her black skinnies. There you go, fashion tip 😉

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  2. Result! Flat shoes don’t have to look frumpy, as your new purchases prove.

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