Sexism, Ageism and International Women’s Day




The other day I bought a box of assorted books from a Charity shop.   I adore books and have far too many, really.  All my bookshelves are over-flowing ……. I also have little stacks of books tucked into every available corner, too.  My Kobo  contains dozens of down-loaded books and  I doubt I will ever manage to finish every title on my  ‘To Read‘ list ….

But, I can never resist the lure of a bookshop ….be it a huge branch of Waterstones or a tiny secondhand-book-store …..and I can easily spend a couple of hours, browsing, buying and reveling in that wonderful aroma of  BOOKS.

Anyway …. lets get back to the box of delights from the Charity shop …….

Well, it contained lots of old books with beautiful bindings ….but also a few  ‘chick-lit’ novels, both in hard-back and paper-back form.

Now, I’m not a particular fan of the  ‘chick-lit‘  genre, but, finding myself at a bit of a loose end, due to some re-modeling of the bathroom and therefore unable to do my usual chores etc. because the house was full of rubble and workmen ….. I decided to give one a try.

It would be unfair to name the author, or give you the title of the  ‘novel’  ….after all, I’m not a literary reviewer.  But ……. I was both annoyed and bitterly offended, many times,  in the first 64 pages …….


I just could not believe what I was reading …..and I have included some high-lighted passages so that you can see what I mean !   The story is set in modern times …..not the flipping Victorian era, where it damn well belongs …..and the author is, apparently, a well known  ‘best-selling’  writer. …….. AND, unbelievably, A WOMAN !     But the sexism and, especially, ageism abounds on every page.  Obviously women only have any worth if they are under 25 and, of course, even then they cannot be allowed to go into a pub without an accompanying male. …..Appalled ? ….. You should be  …

The blurb on the cover describes it as

 “Witty, frothy, dancing with excess ….irrepressibly joyous”

” ….mud, lust and money…..”

“The perfect antidote to the blues”

Yes ….REALLY !


Well ….it didn’t amuse me, I’m afraid.  In fact I had to discard it, after only 70 pages, to save my blood-pressure from rising sky-high.

I thought these novels …..the   ‘love, lust and sex ‘  tales were supposed to empower women.  Supposed to let them see that they could be whatever they wanted to be.  To enable them to take the lead and realise their potential ….. not have to settle for the  ‘missionary position’  every time …………….. Be more than the  ‘little woman’.

Obviously, I was wrong and sexism and ageism are still acceptable …..encouraged, even.

As today is  INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY,  it is very disappointing to realise that, with the help of books like this, we women still have a hell of a long way to go….. And if you are over 25 ….well you may as well give up now !

Am I alone in finding that extremely sad ?


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9 Responses to Sexism, Ageism and International Women’s Day

  1. Rockleigh says:

    I wonder if the reason you picked up on the comments made is, because, you live in the real world and not on a Mills & Boon planet, nor hold or bear any grudge how people present themselves, it IS sad that a recognised author has to resort to these words, but, I blame the people for buying it, even sadder is that we actually put these people on pedestals by purchasing such rubbish. *puts own guilty hand up*. Xx

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    • rosiewrites2 says:

      Thank you Paul …I like to think that I am fair-minded ….
      Yes, it is a shame that these people are celebrated. I worry that young girls are influenced by this garbage.


  2. msalliance says:

    These books and their authors need to put themselves in the bin, along with those who still believe that this is the only way for a woman to conduct herself.

    And those people who STILL bleat that we don’t need feminism anymore or that it’s gone too far should come out of their cosy entitled little bubbles and open their eyes and ears.


  3. paulgarrard says:

    One wonders if the author is a woman of perhaps a man using a female nom de plume perhaps?

    Why do we have gender specific names? Why can’t we have androgynous? About time we did I think!

    So much of society is structured to reinforce the inequalities that exist including education, entertainment and government. As people we don’t question and challenge enough!

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  4. rosiewrites2 says:

    You make very valid points, Paul..

    I have always encouraged my daughter and granddaughters to rebel against convention and question everything.

    Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


  5. What a load of tosh, masquerading as “literature”. Somehow, Rosie, I don’t think you or I are its target audience!

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