What’s in Your Handbag ?



I suppose this article is mainly aimed at my female readers.  Although many of my male friends carry bags ……( I detest the term ‘MAN-BAG’ ….don’t you ? ) …..in my experience their bags seem to contain laptops; mobile phones and a wallet … with perhaps a bottle of water and a sandwich, too.

But, as for my female friends and their bags …..well…….that’s a different story.


I guess it is well known that I am a handbag addict.  From Modalu clutches;  Radley grab-bags; Kath Kidson satchels; structured  Jasper Conran handbags;  slouchy Gucci bags and Luella ‘Giselle’ bags ……. to  beaded and  bejewelled evening bags ….I have them all.

Fabric bags and straw baskets from market stalls ……  Bags from High Street stores and even hand-made, cotton bags.

I really dare not count exactly how many bags I own.

But what do I put in those bags ?

Well, of course it varies from day to day.  Some bags are larger than others, of course.  And sometimes I’m only nipping out for a carton of milk ….so naturally I would not need to carry a huge bag that contains half my possessions ……

So, here’s an experiment ………………

Today I am using this bag …… An ordinary, every-day bag, full of my ordinary,every-day items ……………….



Let’s tip it out on the bed and see what’s inside ……..





Okay ….. I see a Kobo and a Paperblanks notebook; pink leather gloves; tube of Extra Strong Mints and mini flash-light.

A chiffon scarf; credit-card wallet; purse;  keys and a comb…………




A make-up bag, containing various mini-sized creams etc., and two Stonebridge hair forks and a Pandora bracelet.


Medication and paracetamol tablets; a pen and sunglasses and a bottle of  ‘Paris’  perfume ….



Good grief ……no wonder my shoulder aches by the end of the day !

So …..now you know what’s in  MY  bag ….how about sharing the contents of yours ?



About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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10 Responses to What’s in Your Handbag ?

  1. msalliance says:

    Great post Rosie but I’m going to have to think VERY hard before I share the contents of my current handbag with the world!

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  2. Michelle says:

    I was called *peculiarly* organised the other day – specifically with regard to my handbag.

    I definitely have too much in there because it is heavy!

    This is a free remembering rundown (but it will probably be right because – peculiar ;0))

    Inner pocket – gum, pocket tissues, coffee sachet, mint tea sachet, mini usb stick, notebook and pen, folded up puzzle from newspaper
    Back pocket – bag for life, tiny carrier bag, sealable small sandwich bag, pen, ladies items…
    Front pocket – three small cloth bags, hair stick (Stone-Bridge), tiny torch no longer attached to keyring. Charity Lotto ticket or four (they haven’t put the numbers on the site yet)
    Side pockets – hair grips, coffee shop stick thing, painkillers, other tablets, 4head stick. Baby benetint, trial size mascara, mini bb cream, chubby lip pencil, hairband, folding scissors, plaster
    Main compartment – purse with cards, notes and stamps. Plus two more hair grips. Coin purse with coins and small wrapped mirror. Phone in sleeve or wallet depending on destination. Small card folder for loyalty card excesses. Pouch with headphones and two mp3 players. Glasses case. Wrist warmers.

    It is interesting to see it written down. Yes, I very much believe in having the right bag on hand. (But I think I have probably two too many.) I don’t need the second music player or two pens – but I prefer the pen that is not in the notebook set.

    On an evening out I use a bag the size of a passport. It holds: phone in main pocket. Coin purse with coins, appropriate notes and debit card in pocket one.
    The smallest front pocket probably has a couple of tissues, a sealable sandwich bag, couple of painkillers, small pen and piece of paper. If I have on make up then something to redo my lips.

    Weird how I carry so much more the rest of the time. I can get a book, coffee travel mug, water bottleor hat in as needed too :0)

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    • rosiewrites2 says:

      Lol…. You are a woman after my own heart.
      I didn’t date itemize everything as thoroughly as you have ….it just sounds like so much STUFF doesn’t it ?
      I should also have included my phone ….but I was using it to take the photos …Lol.


  3. Love this! Where are those beautiful pink gloves from if you don’t mind me asking ?

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  4. Michelle says:

    Oh definitely too much but very informed by past events – the overnight stay in an entirely decaffeinated household, the lovely carvery that gives you too generous a portion (but you can’t resist letting them), the bag to give to a more preparation challenged person. And I often need to furl up some hair or snip a tag from a purchase.

    And how can I be accused of too much when I don’t even have hand cream or a nail file? ;0)

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  5. Rockleigh says:

    I see you have plenty of stuff in your bag, well, firstly, I like reading your *lady thing* posts, secondly, my man bag is called *gay bag* and thirdly, watch this space, hope you like it? Xx


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