A Prize …. Just For Watching TV !



Look what dropped through my letterbox this morning !

Isn’t it beautiful ?  And all I did to earn it was watch TV …..yes….REALLY !


WHAT ?”, I hear you shout ……..


HOW CAN THAT BE TRUE ?“, I hear you mutter ….



But no, honestly ….all you have to do is watch a certain TV programme; take a couple of photos or grab a screenshot and then post it on one of the social media platforms and …..hey voila ……..


You could be the delighted owner of a piece of Hair Luxury, like this scrumptious, tortoise-shell, butterfly barrette,  from those wonderful folk at Stone Bridge Hair Accessories.

“WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO ?”,  I hear you ask ……..

Well, just watch ‘Mr Selfridge on Friday evenings at 9pm on ITV …..have your phone or camera ready, and, when you spot a lovely slide or clip in the hair of any of the actresses ….grab a quick photo !  Then just post your photo on either Twitter or Facebook, remembering to use the hashtag……. #IsItStoneBridge ……… and that’s it …. that’s all you have to do !  The lovely Melissa and Claire from Stone Bridge advised ITV on the hair accessories for  ‘Mr Selfridge’, ensuring that the cast wore the authentic hair accessories for the era.  And what a marvellous job they did ….the clips and barrettes are stunning.

You still have plenty of chances to win, too   ….. there are  6 more weeks of  ‘Mr Selfridge’  to enjoy, so there will be many more gorgeous clips to photograph …….So…what have you got to lose ?  Nothing, as far as I can see.

You can find the rules and regs, by following  @StoneBridgeHair on Twitter  or ‘Stone Bridge’ on FaceBook.

Well, what are you waiting for ….. go and set your TV boxes to record or remind you ….

Mr Selfridge … 9pm …. ITV ….. Friday

IMAG1422 (1)

And a huge  ” THANK YOU ” to Stone Bridge for my fabulous barrette ….I absolutely adore it.  Butterflies are a favourite of mine and this little slide is just perfect …. I think I will be wearing it every day. Thank you so much.


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2 Responses to A Prize …. Just For Watching TV !

  1. paulgarrard says:

    I likes a butterfly. Things of beauty.


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