Day 99 of 100 Pleats ….Pink and Turquoise



Day 99 of  the 100 PLEATS IN 100 DAYS CHALLENGE  …….and today this will not be a long, rambling, accompanying piece because I have been travelling and I’m a little tired.   I have  just returned home after spending a lovely Christmas with my daughter, son-in-law and two of my grand-children. So, please forgive the brevity …..I promise I will make more of an effort tomorrow.

Oh, yes ….. tomorrow will be the 100th Day ….and there will be the usual photo ….but, I thought this challenge was supposed to end on New Year’s Eve …which also happens to be my birthday.  So, by way of celebration on the 31st,  I will post a small selection of my favourite  ‘pleats‘  …..You can think of it as a bonus, or a punishment, depending on your viewpoint ….heehee !

So, all that remains is for me to say that today’s hairstyle is a plain French pleat …jazzed up by the addition of not one, but two, gorgeous Hair Sticks from Stone Bridge Hair Accessories ……… too much is never enough !


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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