Day 98 of 100 Pleats ….Scarlet Ribbons; and That Flipping Song



Day 98 of the 100 Pleat in 100 Days Challenge and, once again, my hair is styled in the traditional French pleat.  However, this time it is secured with the lovely little Stone Bridge U PIN and embellished with a red ribbon and sparkly hair-clip.

The ribbon is a discarded piece that once adorned a gift on Christmas day.  The sparkly clip …… well, that’s  de rigueur  for me, isn’t it ?

And the red ribbon brought to mind a song that my late Mother adored.

‘Scarlet Ribbons ‘

 Apparently it was written in 1949 and has been recorded by many artistes,  but the version that my Mother played constantly was sung by Harry Belafonte.

I was going to post a link but I’m afraid it didn’t want to work for me. However, you may very well thank me for this as, in my opinion, its a particularly  mawkish  ditty.

If you are not familiar with the lyrics, it concerns a chap who overhears his child at prayer ….asking for  “scarlet ribbons”  for her hair. The guy then spends an angst-ridden night because, unsurprisingly, all the shops are closed so he is unable to nip out and purchase said ribbons.  Of course, it ends well because, in the morning, the desired hair accessories have miraculously appeared on the child’s bed.

Now, I’m as sentimental as the next person.  In fact, those who know me well will confirm this.  And, as you, dear reader, know only too well ….I’m not averse to  ‘flights of fancy‘ ……    But, even as a child, I wondered about this song …..

I mean ….. why ‘toss and turn’ all night ?  He could have just waited until the morning and then popped out to  John Lewis or even  Hobbycraft and bought a length of ribbon for the darned kid.

Call me cynical but I am rather disappointed to discover that, even in the more austere and strict 1940s and 1950s ….some parents pandered to their offspring’s every whim …………..

I thought it was just a relatively recent thing ………….



I hope you realise that this was written with my tongue rather firmly in my cheek ……..but I do, truly, hate that flipping song.

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