Day 85 of 100 Pleats ….. 15 Days to Go …..



Day 85 of the 100 PLEATS IN 100 DAYS CHALLENGE and that means there are only 15 days left …..

15 more days to bore you to sobs with photos of the back of my head ….

15 more days to come up with an innovative and quirky hair-style ….

And ……… if we don’t count Christmas Day ; which we have off; and Boxing Day, which I can also take off because I am a day ahead of the official count …… …..15 more days until I am a year older ……   flipping heck …..

So, dear readers the end is in sight ….and, for those of you who still actually give a damn ….. today I have styled my hair in a plain and simple French pleat.

No little plaits and twists ….no chignon or anything that could possibly be construed as  ‘cheating‘  ….

Ah ….well….. there is the addition of this pretty little embellishment ….which is actually a brooch doubling up as a hair slide ……. Cute, eh ?




About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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