Day 81 of 100 Pleats ……. Blending In



Day 81 of the 100 PLEATS IN 100 DAYS CHALLENGE and today I have used another beautiful Hair Fork from Stone Bridge Hair Accessories

The title of this post is  ‘BLENDING IN’  and …..while I love the fact that the Hair Fork does blend so well with my hair colour …. I am equally pleased that there are enough attractively mottled, darker shades, to provide a little contrast and make the style more interesting.

I think its fair to say that, barring my first year at Grammar School ….when I went through a painful bout of uncharacteristic shyness ….I have never ‘Blended In’ ……

Being the eldest of 5 children, I was the natural leader, the innovator, the one who always did things first !

I was always a little different ……. in nature and appearance.  I was small and  had very dark hair and the palest skin …with freckles.  They were all blonde and tanned and taller than me.

I used to make my own clothes ….I hated wearing the same High Street dresses as my peers.  I styled and coloured my own hair ….did my own thing …..had my own ‘Look’ ….. As soon as my friends bought similar things, I moved on to something else.

And that is how it is today.  I may be older ….much older …but I’m still the same inside.  I don’t  ‘fit-in’ at all in this village. …….. at least, my appearance doesn’t !!

I have waist length hair in a sea of neat ‘bobs‘ and perms. I  wear floaty clothes; long skirts; sequinned and embroidered jackets; velvets and silks and ………. what my friend @MsAlliance calls “inappropriate bling”…….. in a community of tweeds; twinsets and those awful, ubiquitous padded waistcoats.

BUT …… the day I appear with a neat little ‘shampoo and set‘…….. the morning you see me rushing off to Waitrose in sensible brogues and tights …… the day  I am told that I am finally  “blending in” and conforming  ………. you must promise me something …………………..




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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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4 Responses to Day 81 of 100 Pleats ……. Blending In

  1. msalliance says:

    I am all for inappropriate bling, as you know, and currently trying to think up a way of sneaking the sparkly side tiara I have ordered past the “Definitely no tiaras,” police.

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    • rosiewrites2 says:

      Oooooh that tiara sounds gorgeous.
      Wear it into the venue and just smile sweetly at the miserable ‘nay-sayers’ …. And wave your diamante-studded evening bag in their faces as you sail past in a sea of sparkle.

      Hehehe x.

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  2. millieweb2 says:

    I do love you both!! Go, beautiful bling ladies xxx

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