Day 79 of 100 Pleats …..Hurry Up !



Day 79 of the 100 PLEATS IN 100 DAYS CHALLENGE that was set by the lovely folk at Stone Bridge Hair Accessories  and today I have another hastily fashioned French pleat. This time I have held it together with this pretty pink,sparkly hair-slide.

Its all  GO at the moment ….rush, rush, rush …..Hurry up !

I have so much to do and so little time in which to do it ….or at least, that’s how it seems. Christmas is looming and I’m panicking ………

Its silly, really, isn’t it ?  I do love the Christmas season and it really ought not to be such a busy, fraught time.  I should just enjoy it ….what gets done, gets done ….and what doesn’t will have to just  ‘go hang‘ …..

But I tend to set myself rather unrealistic targets. I am my own worst enemy.

However ……this year I am spending the Holidays with my daughter …..I go on the 20th December and don’t return home until 29th. So, its not up to me to provide the  ‘perfect’ Christmas …… all sparkling snowflakes; roaring fires; immaculately wrapped gifts and a dining table groaning with the weight of enough …… perfectly cooked…… food for a small country.

Its not my responsibility to ensure that everyone enjoys a picture-perfect Christmas ….reminiscent of those 1950s musicals or The Andy Williams TV Show ……

But why do I even feel that Christmas should be like that ?  Where has all this come from …..why do I put so much pressure on myself ?  Does it really matter ?

Its the flipping media, isn’t it ?  All those extravagantly staged  Christmas scenes in magazines.  And the old films ….. new ones too. And bloody Charles Dickens with his goose that was  bigger than Tiny Tim.

And Andy Williams and Bing Crosby are not totally blameless …in their damned Christmas sweaters;  either singing carols with a hoard of smug -faced Osmonds or putting on a show in a barn while the pristine New England snow falls prettily in the background.  Vera Ellen and Danny Kaye in velvet and furs …..snowflakes; sleigh-bells and a huge flipping tree surrounded by presents.

Oh yes …and James Stewart ….damn him…reducing me to tears year after year.

And TV adverts with smiling families round a beautiful tree,  opening  presents which are always the  ‘thing they have always wanted‘ ………. and Judy Garland singing  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’ ……. It all perpetuates the myth of a harmonious, wonderful family holiday. And you know what ?

I BLOODY LOVE IT ALL !! ..…………………. Yes I really do ….so …

On with the hustle and bustle …..the shopping and the writing of cards ….. the cooking and wiping up spills ….. the tears of disappointment and tiredness ……. the wrapping paper that splits and the tree that sheds its needles whenever someone opens a door ……. the mince-pies with burnt bits and the turkey that simply WON’T cook …….

I’m always dreaming of an impossibly perfect Christmas and always falling short ……But I don’t care …..Bring it on !





I’m dreaming of a Christmas white,

And all the season brings.

Of yule-tide logs and candles bright

And other jolly things.



My brain is fixed in festive mode,

As I hang my holly wreath.

Of Winter walks, when I once strode

Upon the snowy heath.



I think of family, having fun.

Of happiness and bliss.

But there’s something that must be done,

Before I enjoy all this.



Its not all peace and joy, I fear;

Nor little robins, hopping.

The thing that spoils every year

Is the flipping Christmas shopping !



I’ve made a list, so off I go,

To brave the busy streets.

A computer game for Bobby-Joe

And Bill and Jane want sweets.



Sandra likes exotic gloves,

Covered in beads and glitter.

Heaven knows what Jamie loves ……

Oh ……. Helen is a knitter ……



I’ll buy her that new yarn, I think.

It looks like matted string !

Fred, I’m certain, likes his drink ….

I’ll get some Gordon’s Gin !



Liz and Kay  love sparkly socks,

So I’ve bought a shoal of those.

Mickey wants some Lego blocks

And a fire-truck with a hose.



I’m really getting tired out

And spending large amounts,

Is not what Christmas is about.

Its not what really counts.



I’ve shopped all day and I have found

I’m just halfway through my list.

So now I’m off …. I’m homeward bound.

I’m going to get pissed !



With packages I am waist high

As I fall into the house

To console myself with a huge mince pie

And a litre of “Famous Grouse” !





About rosiewrites2

Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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5 Responses to Day 79 of 100 Pleats …..Hurry Up !

  1. Your hairdo looks just beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Rockleigh says:

    Did you know that your wordpress site is snowing? xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. rosiewrites2 says:

    Yes …I think yours is too. …it happens every Christmas. x


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