Day 64 of 100 Pleats ……. Pansy Potter



Day 64 of the 100 PLEATS IN 100 DAYS CHALLENGE set  by Melissa and Claire from Stone Bridge Hair Accessories and I have a veritable garden of flowers in my hair.

As you can see I have some lovely yellow primulas …..which would have been perfectly adequate  on their own…..but, just for fun, I plonked this gorgeous pansy slap-bang in the centre of my chignon ……..Hence the title …………….

I expect many of you are far too young to know about  Pansy Potter ……. well ….apart from the fact that I flipping well hate you  ( just kidding)  …… she really doesn’t have anything to do with hair; or flowers; or anything really. ……It was purely the flower that made me think of her … know;  PANSY…… ….

But, anyway, in case you are a little intrigued,   she was a cartoon character in  the comic  ‘The Beano’  ….the full title of the comic strip was  ‘Pansy Potter the Strong Man’s Daughter’... and, even as a child, I always thought that  Pansy PORTER would have been a better rhyme ….but what do I know …?

Apparently she was created in 1938 …..and  NO  I’m not that old ….!   She was first drawn by  Hugh McNeill …… but has been drawn by other people in later editions.  I can’t say I was ever a particular fan …..I thought it rather strange that, just because her father was a  Strong-man, she, too, had super-strength.  What good would that do, I mused ….why on earth would she want to be strong ?

I’m afraid I was much more interested in airy-fairy things like ballet and being a girl-detective or investigative-reporter ………..  and I am somewhat embarrassed to confess that I also  went through a spell of being totally convinced that I was adopted and was really a princess, who had been abducted at birth …….. I was convinced that my true identity would be discovered and I would be restored to my castle and real family; with all the trappings of royalty ……..  riches; jewels; fabulous gowns and all …….

What a silly, fanciful child I must have been …………….

Hmmm …..I’m still waiting …… there must be a diadem in my size somewhere ……………






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2 Responses to Day 64 of 100 Pleats ……. Pansy Potter

  1. Rockleigh says:

    Do you know, as a child, i took the Beano, even i cant remember Pansy Potter, and guess what, there is nothing wrong in believing you may have been a Princess, but, surely are your family not your priceless jewels, and the clothes *we* wear our robes. (I’m a Duchess, so i’ve been told).
    BTW, I tend to smile when i see Pansies, especially the black/purple/white ones, they remind me of angry little faces.x

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    • rosiewrites2 says:

      I think she was decidedly unmemorable ….lol

      Oh yes….my family is very precious ….but as a child I didn’t think of that. I was a dreamer and lived in a little world of my own ….I didn’t always feel that I belonged ….. I was totally different from my siblings and still remain so.

      I make damn sure i wear PRINCESS clothes nowadays …lol


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