Day 59 of 100 Pleats ……… Just For Fun


Day 59 of the 100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge and I’m having fun rocking two gorgeous Stone Bridge Hair Sticks at once !

Sometimes you just MUST  have a giggle and step outside the box ……life’s too short to take it seriously.  And the beautifully cheery and bright colours of these Hair Sticks ……and my silly hair-style ……. certainly illuminate a grey, autumn day !

IMAG1074 (1)



Well, dear readers,  I think it’s about time you all learned a little about me. I have been hiding behind the mysterious photo on my profile for far too long. And so I thought I would tell you something about my teenage years.




Long before I was a dog groomer my first love was dancing. I trained from an early age,  first in ballet and tap and then ……….when it became obvious that I would never be a  Margot Fonteyn …………….I began ballroom dancing.
I loved to dance and soon became very proficient in this new discipline. My teacher was amazed by my progress and by the time I was 17 my partner Freddie and I had completed all our medals and were winning competitions the length and breadth of the country.

We Tangoed; Cha-Cha-Cha’d and  Quick-stepped our way to the top of the amateur world and won all the contests we possibly could. Soon we needed another target…… a different  challenge.  Freddie said that we should turn professional and,  with help from our dear old dancing instructor we were soon booked to give demonstrations on a cruise ship.
We were very nervous about such a huge step …….we had never  been away from home for more than a couple of days before this …..and then only for an overnight stay,  when we competed in other parts of the country. But we packed our costumes and shoes and headed for Southampton; secretly rather excited and with visions of fame and fortune.

When we arrived at the docks, the ship looked huge and we were a little overwhelmed and afraid. I almost turned back …….. but Freddie grabbed my arm and squeezed it reassuringly. We looked at each other and  he said,

” This is what we have worked for ….we can do this !”

Then we went aboard like lambs to the slaughter.

There was another professional couple on the bill. They were older and more experienced and were not happy to see us. They thought we were silly little  “no-talent upstarts”  and resented our youth.

The situation became even worse when the passengers aboard the ship obviously liked our fresh, energetic style.
In particular the passengers loved our  Paso Doble and would  always cheer and clap along in time to the stirring Spanish music as we performed.
This was the final straw for  Arthur and Jean; the older couple.

Arthur used to stand on the sidelines and taunt and curse us and Jean would give one of her pouts accompanied by lewd gestures.  They tried everything to put us off and make us lose our timing. Arthur even encouraged their friends to join in the teasing and Freddie became very angry because he knew how much it upset me. It was all so mean and unnecessary.
It all came to a head one night when we were doing a joint demonstration. We were in the middle of a  Tango  when Arthur and Jean danced dangerously near and Arthur leaned over and made a disgustingly suggestive comment. Well, that was the final straw ………… Freddie went berserk and spun me round; plonked me onto a chair; punched Arthur in the face and hurled Jean to the floor.

Of course chaos followed. Plates were broken; crystal glasses were smashed. The whole audience joined in and somehow in the melee I twisted my knee rather badly. The Captain had to be called and ….well, to cut a long story short …… Jean and Arthur managed to wiggle out of any blame……….
We were asked to leave the ship at the very next port and sadly the knee injury meant that I haven’t danced professionally since.



So, dear readers,what do you think …..was that the truth …..or could it have been just for fun ……. ? 

Was it, do you think, merely an old Countdown Word Game entry, containing the following words;

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2 Responses to Day 59 of 100 Pleats ……… Just For Fun

  1. Rockleigh says:

    I too would have decked Arthur, there’s always someone not prepared to play nicely, on a lighter note, it was a good job the Captain didn’t keel haul you.

    Liked by 1 person

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