Day 51 of 100 Pleats ….. Tassels

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Day 51 of the 100 Pleats in 100 days Challenge that was set by the lovely folk at Stone Bridge Hair Accessories and today I have put the longer layers of my hair in a classic French pleat.  As my hair is extra curly today, I have left the shorter top layers in soft curls and waves …. ( I hope this is allowed ? )  I was feeling in a flirty; devilish mood, so I clipped these tassels to a bobby-pin and pinned it to the top of the pleat;  letting the ends dangle down …….. rather like a hoochie-coochie  dancer ….heehee !

Some of my friends may recognise the tassels …… they are actually traditional dog-collar decorations and are predominantly used on the collars of the longer-necked  breeds in the  HOUND  group ….. namely  Afghan Hounds; Salukis;  Borzois; Lurchers; Greyhounds; Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Whippets.  I dare say you could also use them on Beagles and other members of the Hound Group too, Though I don’t think it is so prevalent.

  These adornments come in all colours and styles of beads.  Some are sparkly; some plain.  The tassels can be leather; suede or silken ribbon and cord.

Most of them are custom-made, nowadays. Some have the dogs names spelled out in lettered beads.  Whatever you desire ….whatever combination of beads you dream up  ……….. anything you wish.

The Hound Group contains some of the most stunning breeds …..I think its only fair that they should have equally stunning collars ….. don’t you ?

The tassel  I have used is one of the many that belonged to my dear,sadly missed Afghan Hound  Carys.




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One Response to Day 51 of 100 Pleats ….. Tassels

  1. Rockleigh says:

    I was not aware that certain breeds wore tassels, however, I can now see these *exotic* breeds wearing them! Lovely! X


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