Day 44 of 100 Pleats ……. That’s Knot Bad …… And Total Nonsense


Day 44 of the 100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge  and I have gathered my hair into a tight  ‘knot’.

 I have secured it with my favourite   Classic Hair Fork  from Stone Bridge

This wonderful fork holds all my hair without any assistance  from extra hair-pins or grips …..YES …it really does !


I have quite a lot of writing to catch up with and tons of chores to do …..but the misty, murky autumn weather is making me want to stay indoors ….on the sofa ….curled up with a book.  I do love autumn, but have found my usual, cheery disposition has not been quite as jolly this year.  I’m not sure what is wrong ….what is different.  Perhaps its just the aging process, but I find my thoughts slipping into the past…to other autumns and winters … times long gone.

But….that’s no good, is it ?

Oh lets have a silly story …. something to make you all smile, shake your heads and say,

” I always knew Rosie was as mad as a box of frogs !”


It was lunch-time and the town square was a riot of colour and activity. Brightly striped awnings covered the busy market stalls and colourful parasols, fluttering in the warm,  gentle breeze, shaded the plethora of tables strewn around the Plaza.

The townsfolk seemed to be out in force, determined to enjoy the warmth of the late Summer sun. The tables were all occupied by  many groups of chattering people, basking in the sunshine as they ate their al fresco meals. Even the benches by the grandstand were full of smiling tourists and shoppers, taking a well-earned rest and little children ran happily up and down the steps of the Town Hall, while their parents looked on, indulgently.

An ice-cream stall did a roaring trade in ice-lollies and cones; while  the restaurants and cafes, that fringed the square, were busy serving their finest sandwiches and beverages.

A large, portly man, in a smart, three-piece suit, sat on a nearby wall beside the Park gates and surveyed the blissful scene. His shiny bald head and rotund body giving him an egg-like appearance. He had been shopping in the market ……… purchasing fruit and vegetables from the green-grocers and a long, crusty loaf, still warm from the baker’s oven and now his wicker basket sat on the ground while he rested his weary feet and fanned himself with his fedora hat. He smiled at the merry throng and then, settling more securely on his perch, put his hat on his smooth head and, opening his newspaper, he began to read.

“Oh my word !”  he exclaimed, as he turned the pages,  ” Such horror and strife ! Nothing but bad news !”  ……….his face began to wear a worried frown.

It was hard to believe that the world was such a wicked place, when he was in the midst of this cheerful, contented scene, but page after page told its sad story. Thefts seemed to be prolific. there was the case of a pig, stolen by a well-known musician’s son. Apparently police and  paparazzi  had given chase and the poor porker had come to a sticky end.

Oh, and a local pieman had been relieved of his wares by a devious youngster; what was the world coming to ?  Then there was the tale of a distraught family, coming home from a walk in the woods to find that they had been victims of a break-in and wanton vandalism; furniture broken, food stolen.

The next page brought distressing details of a suspicious accident at a local beauty spot. A young girl reported that her relation had suffered serious injury in some sort of fall. Health and Safety officers had been called in, to inspect the hill-side path.

The man sighed, this was all so distressing. Then his eyes widened further as he read the frightening accounts of the re-introduction, into the wild, of wolves and a variety of huge spiders. The logic of this operation was being questioned as a wolf had been seen, stalking a young girl and an arachnophobic lass had been treated for severe shock !

” Oh, I can’t read anymore of this,”  he sighed and was about to discard the paper when his gaze was attracted to a much friendlier piece in the cooking column, an article on  “How to cook the oatiest porridge.”

” Mmmm, this is much better !”  he grinned and began to study it carefully …. he did like porridge.

He read, gleefully for a few minutes, glad that there were nice things in the world ……….. sure that nothing horrid could happen in this town. He had just got to the final stage of the recipe, the all important presentation advice, when a robin flew past, almost knocking his fedora off his head. Before he could recover his composure, an arrow whizzed swiftly past his ear. The poor chap just caved in completely and, in total shock, fell off the wall, landing with a loud  “Crack”  on the cobbles below.

” Sorry!”,  chirped the sparrow, as he pursued his quarry…………………………..

Hmmm, yeah, I’m not sure what goes through my mind, either, dear readers, But you can always count on me to come up with some silly story for the weekly Countdown Word Game and this is certainly silly !!

The words to be included were;

Thanks also to the following Nursery Rhyme and Fairy Story Characters.

Humpty Dumpty
Tom, the Piper’s son
Little Miss Muffet
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Red Riding Hood
Jack and Jill
And, of course Cock Robin and the Sparrow.


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