Day 34 of 100 Pleats ……. Branching Out


Day 34 of the 100 Pleat Challenge and I appear to have a branch in my pleat ……………

Actually its one of those sprigs of greenery that come as part of a super-market bouquet …………you know what I mean, I’m sure.  I’m never certain  which evergreen they spring from but they always add a welcome touch of green to the floral arrangement, don’t they ?  The bouquet that provided this piece of shiny ‘ leafyness’  was given to me by a lovely neighbour ……… I am very lucky to have such kind friends.

Anyway, I thought that it was something unusual with which to secure my pleat today …….. so …….

But, sadly, the stalk wasn’t rigid enough to thread through my hair;  consequently,  I have had to be content with using ordinary  ‘bobby-pins’  and then inserting the leaves afterwards …… more as a decoration than an actual  hair-stick.

However, I think it looks quite effective, don’t you ?   And I have added a tiny, lilac butterfly …..just because, in my opinion,  ‘ Too much is never enough !’  ………………   Lol !

The lovely folk at set this  ‘100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge’  and, if you visit their Blog on  you will see some of the entries from other participants.

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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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