Day 22 of 100 Pleats ……… Hat-Pins and Writer’s Block


Day 22 of the 100 Pleats Challenge ……gosh we seem to be really whizzing through the days, don’t we ? Of course, I realise that some of you may be bored to sobs by now …….I suppose there are only so many French pleats you can look at without wanting to throw things at your computer/phone/tablet screen.  So …..with your low boredom threshold in mind, I try to ring the changes a bit.  Yeah….I do …..honestly !

Today I have adorned my pleat with another vintage hat-pin …..yes, I do LOVE hats !  This time its in onyx with some diamante detailing and, I think, looks rather snazzy.  It isn’t holding my hair own its own, though, because … you all know …..hat-pins are not really strong enough for that. After all, they are no more than an elongated, dress-maker’s pin ….just slightly thicker.  So, I have secured my hair with a couple of bobby-pins and then threaded the hat-pin through the pleat.

Oh, and you may notice the little safety bit on the end ….to prevent any accidents. I once read a murder story in which the poor victim was dispatched by the rather sneaky insertion of a hat-pin into his ear !!! ….Ouchy !!

We are all about safety …… !!

And, with further thoughts about entertaining you, I do like to regale you with little anecdotes or some such ……… But today is my Wedding Anniversary ……gosh, 47 years … can that be right ?  So …..I really must not be on my laptop too long, therefore I will leave you with a very short little story …………


Some of you may be aware that I am attempting to write a novel.

Its been years since I flexed my literary muscles and so I am terribly guilty of avoiding the task;  telling myself I can’t do it; I don’t have time;  etc. etc.  So,  I try to write something every day.  Apparently that is the way to train my brain to knuckle down and damn well  DO IT !!

Friends often help by giving me prompts and  subjects to write about …………..

I have been given the task of writing about a certain emotion.  I shall not tell you what it is ……..I will tell you after you have read this short story.   I have also been given a time limit of an hour.  This took ten minutes so don’t expect Shakespeare !!!

He stood inside the church …….. the vast coolness of the building making  him shiver slightly. His friend stood beside him and,  noticing the shiver, placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
Soft light shone through the beautiful stained glass windows , leaving pools of iridescent colour on the worn stone floor.  The heady scent of roses, violets and lilies-of-the-valley filled the air, overwhelming his senses and making him dizzy.

His friend guided him to the nearest pew and they sat on the edge of the hard wooden seat ……. he couldn’t relax.

Peaceful music filled the air.  She had chosen the tunes and planned the whole day. She was always organising his life and he knew she had left nothing to chance; nothing he need worry about.  All he had to do was be here. Everything would be perfect …………. that was her way.
People began to fill the church;  murmuring to each other; looking over at him; nodding and smiling in his direction. He caught their glances out of the corner of his eyes and swayed a little under the close scrutiny.  Would he ever become used to being recognised ?
He was almost in a trance now,  a feeling of nervousness rose in his stomach and he swallowed, hard …….. he had thought this day would  never arrive.

After today they would never have to say  ” Goodbye ” again…………………….
His mind drifted, filled with memories.

It seemed that, over the years,  they were always saying  ” Goodbye “.
Goodbye”   when she had urged him to spread his wings; write his wonderful music and  travel the world for inspiration.  He had not wanted to go but she had been right to encourage him, set him free.

He had become successful and she revelled in his fame ……… pushed him into the limelight. She stayed out of sight.
” Goodbye “,  when he went to the premieres and awards events ………..where he was photographed with young starlets and celebrities.  She had watched him on TV and glowed with pride …….. thrilled that his talent was being celebrated.

She had always had faith in him and knew he would return whenever he could. Return to her and walk through meadows of wildflowers, stroll beside  sparkling streams.  Meet in woods carpeted with bluebells; lay amongst the fragrant blooms, make love  and forget about the world.
Goodbye “,  when he moved to New York,  to join the prestigious orchestra and she was, once again, left behind.

They were victims of their circumstances; living in separate worlds; having to bow to convention.  Back then, people would not have understood about their relationship. ….the  age  thing ……. the differences between them…………Back then every phone call was filled with longing and always ended with that hated word   ” Goodbye “
The vicar slowly approached and gently spoke to him.  He came out of his reverie, back to reality, back to today. He stood up as the beautiful music soared and filled the church and he thought he would faint…………. He knew she was here.
The coffin was slowly carried to the sacred place in front of the altar. It was covered in the flowers she had loved .

Roses, violets and lily-of-the-valley.
This was their final  ” Goodbye “.

So, readers , the emotion I was challenged to write about was;   ‘Sorrow’  …………. I hope you are all crying !!!

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2 Responses to Day 22 of 100 Pleats ……… Hat-Pins and Writer’s Block

  1. Rockleigh says:

    I just adore your twists, didn’t see that one coming I can tell you. Brilliant. X

    Liked by 1 person

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