Day 21 of 100 Pleats …….. Upside Down


Day 21 of the 100 Pleats Challenge and today I have tried something a little different.  As you can see …..or maybe you can’t …..I have started the pleat at the top and worked down ….then secured the long, loose ends with a sparkly clip.

I thought this style would possibly keep my hair tidy while I was standing on the touch-line at a rugby match and cheering on my grandson.

This is the rather scruffy, first attempt … was much neater when I re-did it ….but, unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to take more photos as I would have been late for the match.

I can report that the upside-down French pleat worked very well and my hair stayed neat and tidy …..I will do this again !

Incidentally, I thoroughly enjoyed the rugby match …….sadly my grandson’s team lost 27-38 …..but it was a good game and all played well.  It is also my grandson’s 14th birthday today … HAPPY BIRTHDAY IAN !!

Happy Birthday Ian

Happy Birthday Ian

Scrum !!

Scrum !!

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