Day 12 of 100 Pleats ….. Where Are The Butterflies ?

IMGP0283                IMGP0284

Day 12 …..and here I am with a very pretty, but discreet, little butterfly in my hair ……………….. see … I CAN do subtle !!!

Don’t you just adore butterflies ?

I do … and so does my daughter, Louisa.  If it has a butterfly on it, we are hooked.  Consequently, many of our cushions; scarves; shawls; loose-leaf binders; purses; jewellery and note-books are adorned with charming images of Lepidoptera.

But, what on earth has happened to butterflies recently ?  It it the over-use of chemicals; climate change or the destruction of their habitat that has caused their demise ?

When I was a child, summer days were full of  ‘flutterbyes’ … we called them.  They flitted everywhere with wings like painted silk.  Seemingly borne on warm wafts of air, they floated like fairies ……delicate as rice-paper, drifting like falling flower petals.  In fact …..I thought they were fairies in disguise and I chased them through buttercup-filled meadows, hoping to catch a glimpse of their transformation back to their fairy form.  They glimmered in the sunlight as they fluttered beside iridescent dragon-flies, along the banks of the tinkling stream.  And all the flowers and buddleia bushes were covered in  sunset-orange and turquoise-blue butterflies ….sipping the nectar.

But now they are a rare sight ……. this summer I have barely seen a handful.

This makes me very sad ………and rather worried about the fate of a world with no butterflies.



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