Just Another Day ……. ?

This old Countdown Word Game entry has a special poignancy in light of the recent anniversaries of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ………………….


The rosy fingers of dawn crept slowly over the hills and down into the sleepy valley. The village was rising from its slumber as the first rays of the sun illuminated the thatched roofs of the neat, two storied houses and turned the grey stones of the church tower a mellow gold. The sunlight played through the leaves of the trees, casting dappled patterns onto the croquet lawn at the rear of the Manor house………….. Then sparkled and shimmered all along the silver ribbon of river and tumbled over the waterfall, where leaping salmon pursued their relentless quest to reach the head-waters where they were born.

The villagers were rising;  stretching and yawning; showering; cleaning teeth and preparing for the day.  From every kitchen came the rattle of plates and cutlery as tables were laid for breakfast. Kettles boiled, bacon sizzled , toast was buttered and lunch boxes were packed.

The village began to liven up and fill with many sounds. Car engines were fired up as people drove to work. Children were harping on about unfinished homework and lost gym-shoes, before skipping out of their houses and joining their friends……….. kicking leaves and laughing happily as they made their way to school.

The office junior polished the brass knocker and letter box on the front door of  ‘Messrs Parters and Crabbit’  local Solicitors  and the greengrocer next door pulled out the striped awning above his shop window, to protect his fruit and veg from the strengthening sun.

White sheets and bright, coloured towels hung from clothes-lines and fluttered in the warm, gentle breeze. Women chatted over garden fences and then returned to their housewifely toils; making beds, vacuuming carpets and preparing food.

The High Street was now a hive of activity, with shoppers bustling to and fro and delivery vans,  disgorging goods for florists and supermarkets. The village postman leaned on his bike and chatted to a callow youth, who was carelessly directing traffic with a  ‘Stop/Go’  sign, while workmen dug yet another hole to lay cables or mend a leak or do some other mysterious task known only to god and the Highways Agency.

Over in the school yard it was now morning break-time and children played tag and crunched on apples or munched crisps and giggled in the sunshine. And teachers lounged about in the staff-room, smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee and discussing last night’s TV.

The local electrician and general handy-man, pulled up abruptly outside the Manor house, the tyres of his van sending a spray of gravel up in the air and earning a disapproving frown from the Housekeeper. She then led him to the circuit board and requested that he hurry up and find the reason for the fusing lights.  There was to be a garden party that evening and M’Lady would not appreciate being plunged into darkness !

In the park the fountains sparkled in the sunlight and Fred the terrier had a sneaky drink from the cool water before his owner clipped his lead back onto his collar and set off towards home.

Flowers bloomed, birds sang and the clock on the church tower chimed noon ………… noon on a glorious Summer day in this pretty, peaceful village. A village just like many others across the country full of people going happily about their normal, every-day lives.

Far in the West, the sun had not yet risen, but the shapes of the anti-aircraft blimps were clearly visible in the night sky. A mile below, in a lead-lined bunker, two men inserted keys and pressed buttons and sent the nuclear missiles hurtling towards the other side of the world ………


This week the words to be included are ;


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2 Responses to Just Another Day ……. ?

  1. rockleigh says:

    I too am sure there are fingers readily poised in many a country, especially these days.
    Sends a shiver, but it’s another true fact


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