Catching Up With Things

I thought it was about time I caught up with things on here.  I haven’t really chatted to you for ages, dear readers.

So ………. what have I been doing recently ?

Hmmm …… well, as you know, I don’t really share any intimate details of my life … don’t get too excited.

I used to blog on BCUK , but that site is due to close down in December so I have been exporting all my old blog posts ……and there are dozens and dozens of them.  This has spurred me on to do more writing …..but I seem to have been so busy with other, more mundane,  things and inspiration has been hampered by the boring details of everyday life.

I was lying in bed, in the early hours this morning…..woken by some unknown thing.  Perhaps it was a noise that had suddenly stopped at the point of waking … Maybe it was because I had rolled into an uncomfortable position and so my body protested by waking me …….. I really don’t know.  But, anyway, there I was … awake in the darkness.

So, my mind began to race along as it often does at such times.

Oh, I could solve all the world’s problems in the middle of the night ….and at the same time I can write a best-selling novel and mentally rearrange all the furniture in my home …….all from the comfort of my bed.  But, strangely, come the dawn and all my  ‘wonderful’  ideas suddenly either disappear or are revealed to be  absolutely stupidly useless notions.

Well, that how it was at 2.00 am.  I had the most marvellous idea for a blog post.

Now, I am a great advocate of keeping a notebook and pencil nearby, for just such an occasion.  In fact I have a sort of  ‘hanging thing’ right beside my bed …….. it has  handy little pockets in which I keep pens, little notebooks,  a sleep-mask, paracetamol, hankies ……oh all sorts of bits and bobs.  But, of course, I was snug and comfy and couldn’t be bothered to switch on the lamp and scrabble for things. Plus …..with all the confidence that comes in my half-dreamlike-state……… I was certain I would remember every detail.

I was wrong !!!!

So, I’m sorry but you will have to make do with this ……….


The wind became gustier and the light on the porch flickered in the storm and began to joust and compete with the single candle flame in the bedroom, in a contest of ‘who can last longest’.
I pulled the plaid blanket around my pale shoulders and toyed, fretfully with the unwoven edges, twisting the threads round my fingers. I was so tired but I knew I would never be able to sleep while the wind and rain lashed so loudly against my window. It was like …… like…… I tried to think of a simile, but nothing came to mind and so I fannied about, plumping my pillows and began again to read my book. I was so engrossed in the story that I didn’t hear the footsteps, the sound of someone entering the house and climbing the stairs ……………..

The pirate strode into the room and pulled me from my bed, ripping off my robe he saluted me in mock respect and flung me over his shoulder; the soft skin of my thighs rubbing against the roughness of his clothes. I tried to protest, flapping my little wrists ineffectually and screaming rather weakly – I was afraid his mood would become uglier if I made too much fuss, I was only tiny against his huge, muscular, bulky frame.

His ship was moored at the jetty and he boarded,went to his cabin and flung me onto his bunk, then began to unbutton his jacket, staring at me with dark, hooded eyes that told me exactly what was going to happen next ………………

Next morning the sunlight shone through the window and onto the empty bed in the little sea-side cottage. A plaid blanket lay on the floor and alongside it, amid muddy footprints and a discarded robe lay a copy of a book “Blackbeard and other Pirate Tales” ………………


The words this week are ;

Uglier, fannied, pirate, saluted, porch, simile, gustier, unwoven, joust, flame, plaid.

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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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