White Goods


I am awaiting delivery of my new washing machine.

My old one decided to  ‘give up the ghost’ the day before we left to spend 3 weeks away.  So, one of the first things I had to do on my return …. a scant 2 days ago ….was search for a replacement.  The old appliance was pretty ancient and so far out of the guarantee term that I believe the form was originally written on parchment ….with a quill pen !

Nowadays my budget doesn’t stretch to a Miele …..which is a pity as those wonderful machines are built to last for about 20 years …..but never mind ……I doubt I will last that long, myself !

Bearing in mind that speed of delivery ……… (my laundry basket is overflowing) …… and price were two major considerations…… …. I decided to begin my search immediately.

So, yesterday, the first  ‘port of call’  was an electrical superstore that I had noticed on a small trading estate….at the rear of the local Waitrose.  …..Though, I must admit, I didn’t really have any expectations of success…..I thought that I would probably have to resort to buying online.


Oh me of little faith ……the place was a veritable Aladdin’s cave of white goods ……a cornucopia of domestic appliances………Though why the heck they still call them  ‘white’ , I have no idea.  It seems that  washing machines; fridges; freezers; dryers and cookers,  now all come in a rainbow of hues.  Black; white; silver; red; pink; blue ………. I bet I could have even had purple !

And the salesman was so lovely, knowledgeable and helpful as I ploughed through the mine-field of  spin-speeds,  programmes,  drum capacity and energy consumption. 

IMAG0658            IMAG0661

I narrowed it down to a short-list of three appliances and came home to make my final selection.

Then back I went, this morning, to order my choice and ………

Not only was I able to have   FREE DELIVERY …….

Not only would the delivery guy  TAKE AWAY MY OLD MACHINE AT NO EXTRA COST ……..

But …… and this is a BIG but ………. I can have the washer THIS AFTERNOON !!!!!!!

In fact….. it has just arrived so I will have to go …….  and I think I will be busy using it later….don’t you ?

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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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