Missed Photo Opportunities …….Day 95 of 100

I am cursing the fact that there are two photos I could have posted here …….If only could have taken them.

There is a possibility I may yet be able to capture one of the subjects …..but the other, I fear, is lost forever.

Last night my granddaughter helpfully washed her gym kit after school and hung it out to dry.   In all the hustle and bustle of the evening, it was accidentally left out all night.  So, at 6.35 this morning ….when I took a stroll in the back garden with my early-morning coffee ……..I …..wandered over to the washing line to un-peg the shorts and sports top …..and there was the most enormous moth, resting on the collar of the shirt.  It was huge and, at first, i thought it was a bat that had got caught up in the button-holes.   But, no, it was definitely a moth ………the biggest one I have ever seen ………so I rushed indoors to grab my phone and take a photo.  Unfortunately  ‘Mothy’  must have been camera-shy, as he had disappeared when I returned.   I will keep a lookout for him , but I fear that he has learned his lesson and will stick to the darker hours from now on.


So that was one missed opportunity …….

The second photo that I would love to take, may still be possible.

I have noticed that St Helens has a lot of green, grassy areas …….wide verges ……. large green spaces between industrial estates …… lots of verdant parkland.  All of which is very nice and most pleasant for the residents.  But what I find particularly attractive is the way the Council has cut the grass.  The mowers have only trimmed the grass at the edges of these spaces……. ….probably about three or four feet all around the area.  Then the centre has been planted with wildflowers and left to grow long.  This has created  WILDFLOWER MEADOWS  right in the middle of an urban environment.  And these  ‘meadows’  are an absolute delight.  Amongst the tall grass, swathes of  Oxeye Daisies  nestle beside  Poppies and Red Campion,  Meadowsweet,  Buttercups and Cornflowers. They are exact replicas of the traditional English wild-flower meadows that have, in recent times, been so sadly depleted …..to the detriment of wildlife.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to stop on the busy roads and nip out of the car to take a photo …..and I haven’t had time to walk to any of these gorgeous areas.

But, nevertheless,  St Helens Council is to be commended for providing these wonderful spaces, which will, surely, be a haven for butterflies and bees. I sincerely hope that other Councils are doing the same …………

And rest assured,  that if I can manage to take a photograph, without too much danger to life and limb, I will post it on here.


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