All Behind ….Like the Cow’s Tail ………… Days 86, 87, 88, and 89 of 100

The title of this post is an old saying of my grandma’s.  She used to rush about; always busy; always ‘on the go’.  But sometimes we grandchildren would distract her;  engage her in conversation about  ‘the olden days’.  She and my great-grandma had so many interesting tales about their lives and I remember being fascinated by their stories of long ago.

However, these interludes would eat into the time set aside for chores; for baking; for ironing huge piles of linen bedding and for doing all the hundred and one things she had to do.

Soon grandad, who was a dairy farmer,  would be coming in from the fields or his milk-round…..tired and ready for food.

She used to glance at the old long-case clock in the hall and frown.  Then she would  ‘shoo’ us out of the kitchen ….flapping at us with her pristine apron and exclaim ….

” You children …. look how late it is ….now I’m all behind, like the cow’s tail ”

And I’m all behind with my blogging ……………  Its 4 days since I posted anything !!

But, I had a good reason ….honestly, dear readers !

As you know, my daughter Louisa, got married on Thursday 28th of this month and so we have had all the preparations ….then the day itself and, yesterday the final packing for the honeymoon.

So, this morning at 7.30, the happy couple finally left for Manchester Airport and their flight to the Dominican Republic.  And now I am in charge of two grandchildren and five dogs ……one of which is my own.   FOR TWO WEEKS !!

Hmmmm……… I have a feeling that I may be so busy that a few more blogging deadlines are missed……..

Perhaps you will forgive me for my tardiness if I post a few photos of the happy day ?

Louisa and Jonathan..... Mr and Mrs King

Louisa and Jonathan….. Mr and Mrs King

IMAG0538-2 IMAG0541-2

In need of some Champagne

In need of some Champagne




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5 Responses to All Behind ….Like the Cow’s Tail ………… Days 86, 87, 88, and 89 of 100

  1. Oh my goodness, five dogs to look after? You will be busy. The pictures are lovely. Best wishes to the new couple.


  2. Helen says:

    Enjoy the time with your grandchildren, and all the dogs!! Gorgeous photos, hope the happy couple have a wonderful honeymoon.


  3. millieweb2 says:

    Lovely pics – wishing them both every happiness! And enjoy the grandchildren, they grow up so fast xxx


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