Mother and Daughter Time ……. Days 84 & 85 of 100

Relax Quies Sleep Mask

Relax Quies Sleep Mask

I am aware that the photo today looks like something from that dreadful  ’50 Shades’  book ………..  but,  “No”,  dear reader, I have not suddenly developed a BDSM fetish ….nor a penchant for badly written, porno novels.  Perish the thought ………………..

You see, I suffer from insomnia and I am also easily woken by the slightest thing.  So, as you can imagine, when I visit friends and family, I sleep extremely badly. However, I always have my trusty sleep mask with me ……….

This one is a fabulous French-made one ……. it completely blocks out any light, so I am not disturbed by the early dawn light. ………….. The dawn-chorus of the local bird-life is, unfortunately, another thing entirely.


As you all must surely know by now, I am visiting my daughter.  She is getting married on Thursday, 28th of this month and we are having a few days to finish the arrangements and gather our thoughts before the  ‘big day’.

Yesterday we were busy trying out different hairstyles and choosing nail polish colours.  We also sampled a few Bellini cocktails …… so I’m afraid I didn’t get chance to do a blog post.

Today we are going off for a  ‘girlie’  outing ….. a bit of  ‘Mother and daughter’  time ……….so I’m sure i won’t  have any spare time  today, either.

Therefore, I leave you with the following little tale ……. another old Countdown Word Game entry ……gosh I must have done hundreds of the blighters …….

In the light of impending nuptials, the plot is probably highly inappropriate …..but…… hey ho……



Kneeling on the floor,  Sarah carefully wrapped the Tiffany lamps in bubble-wrap and placed them in the cardboard box, then stuffed more paper into every cavity around them and sat back and surveyed her handiwork.

The movers van would soon be here and she didn’t want to detain them any longer than necessary, but she was weary and in a pensive mood.

She glanced over at her husband of forty years as he gathered his documents and put them into his briefcase.  For a brief moment she wondered if they were doing the right thing.

Forty years was a long time to spend in one place and recently she had been feeling like a caged animal.  However, selling the family home had been a huge decision.

She smiled as she recalled the evening they had broken the news to the children. Oh, it had caused quite a ruction !

” You’re doing what ?”  their son had exclaimed,  ” You can’t …it’s not right …this is our home !”

He had always been the bossier of the two … and the loudest !

” Have you thought this through ?”  their daughter had asked softly,  ” Are you sure this is what you want ? ”

Sarah  had sighed and patiently said,

“You both have your own homes now … your own lives. Your father and I have made up our minds, so that’s all that needs to be said !”

Then she had poured another glass of wine and wandered into the kitchen to check on dinner. They would have to like the situation or lump it.

And so the  ‘For Sale’  sign had gone up.

The wooden post was hammered into the perfect lawn and troops of prospective buyers and various nosey neighbours had traipsed through the immaculate rooms, leaving muddy footprints on the cream carpets and finger-prints on the highly polished surfaces.  Sarah had smiled and made cups of coffee and answered questions about heating, local schools and dustbin collections.

Thankfully the house had sold quickly and  the packing had begun.

She had been even busier then, sorting out what would be kept and what would be sent to charity shops or distributed to the children. Her husband, as usual, had done very little to help, but now Sarah had just a couple more things to do and then everything was ready.

The van pulled up outside and the men began loading the boxes.

She walked slowly through the house, checking each room.

In her slim hands she held a silver sixpence. She had found it in a hamper in the attic that morning.  Ah, it had been years since she had seen a  ‘tanner’;  she used to collect them in a jar a life-time ago ………

The removal van pulled away from the house, loaded up with the furniture that her husband had chosen to take to his new home.  He had long gone, whizzing off in his Mercedes, still cursing her and calling her a whore.

Sarah waited by the garden gate until she saw him get off the bus and walk across the road towards her. She waved and giggled and ran back up the path to the front porch. Tossing her long hair over her shoulders she picked up her back-pack …

That and the silver sixpence was all she was taking with her.

Without a backward glance she walked happily down the path towards her lover and her new life.


This piece of nonsense has been brough to you courtesy of Matt’s Word Game and the words;

Movers, busier, tanner, bossier, ruction, detain, cavity, loudest, hamper, lamps, caged.

This was first written and published  in April 2012 in


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