Pressing Problems ……. Day 79 of 100


I hate ironing.  I detest it, with a passion so strong that it permeates my whole body.  I always have.

I don’t know if this stems from childhood. Perhaps ……..

Because, from the age of 10, my weekly chore, every Sunday evening, was to do the ironing.  Not one or two items …..a tea-towel and a few hankies ….oh no.

I come from a large family; we all had our chores.  But, as the oldest of five children, I had many more tasks than my younger siblings.  The pile of ironing was for the whole family ….and it was huge !

Now, I have no doubt that this was  ‘character-building’  and taught me all about  ‘responsibilities ‘ and other admirable traits ……but, oh how I hated it.

Ironing is something I just don’t understand, fully.  Oh I know its function and I realise that it is necessary, but I just think its such a thankless task …..and so repetitive.   I mean ….you iron something and its creased again in a trice ………

I’ve tried everything I can think of to make it more enjoyable.   Listening to music or a  ‘talking book’ …….Nope !

 I tried watching TV as I ironed …….. but even giggling along to every episode of  ‘Frasier’,  my all-time favourite programme, didn’t help.

Plus …..and here’s the rub ….I’m flipping useless at it !  We can’t all be good at everything ….and I was brilliant at roller-skating and hoola-hooping !!! ………   Heehee.

Maybe I dislike ironing  because I am so dismally bad at it ….. ?   Who knows …..

Anyway, I iron as little as possible and with many of today’s wonderful, drip-dry, non-iron fabrics, it is something I am able to, mostly, avoid.   I have become quite famous among my family and friends for not even knowing where the damned iron is ….and my ironing-board is brand new.  I only have a fairly basic iron ….. people ask me why I don’t have one of those great big, expensive  all-singing-and-dancing  machines. …… but what would be the point ….. I would never use it, would I ?

So, imagine my surprise when, on digging out the little-used appliance you see pictured here;  filling it with water and proceeding to press a shirt ……clouds of white powdery stuff flew out of the little hole-things in the hotplate.

Of course, I soon twigged and guessed that the darn thing needed to be  ‘descaled’.     Gosh, does one descale an iron ?  Erm ….apparently so.

The water here is crap ………sorry but there is no other way to describe it.

When I lived near Huddersfield, the water was so soft and sweet …… came down from the Pennines and was gloriously clean and sparkling; an absolute pleasure to drink and I never had any problems with nasty deposits and limescale.

But here its so hard and scummy that we filter every drop we use.  Every litre of drinking water; even the water I use to wash salad and vegetables and, of course, for all my cooking.

When it comes out of the tap it has a horrible  chemical  aroma ….it absolutely turns my stomach.  And the kettle is forever furred with limescale, despite our filtering.  But, it had never occurred to me that the iron would need the same treatment.  I mean, I use it so infrequently and never leave water in the reservoir. What the actual …… ?

But something had to be done. So, I followed the instructions on the packet of  stuff  ………………

The first time wasn’t thorough enough and I ended up having to do it three times before all the limescale was removed. It came out in heaps of nasty, gritty little bits ….. interspersed with powdery deposits and horrid brown liquid.

Now my iron is all sparkly and fresh and I am determined to keep it that way …… I’d better not use it ……. !!


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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2 Responses to Pressing Problems ……. Day 79 of 100

  1. I was once quite an enthusiastic ironer when I had to wear respectable shirts for work – had my own sleeve board and everything. However, I changed jobs and manged to break the habit – haven’t ironed for twenty years now and feel a great sense of freedom whenever I read about other people ironing. I’m a bit creased, and so are my clothes, but I’m happy. 😉


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