A Very Busy Time …… Day 77 of 100


Today sees the start of a very busy few days.

There are only 10 more days before my daughter’s wedding and I have more to do than I can bear to think about.  On Sunday I travel to St Helen’s, not only to aid Louisa in her final preparations, but also because I will be looking after children and dogs while she is away for two weeks,  on honeymoon in the Dominican Republic.

So, I have all the packing and list-making to plan and complete  ………. the house to clean within an inch of its life; because my neighbour will have spare keys and will, no doubt, be popping in and out to check on security ………… and all the million and one other things that will simply HAVE to be done.

This means that I may not manage to post a blog every day ……. (  can I hear sighs of relief ? ) …….but, worry not, dear readers …….I will not forget to make notes and keep you up to date with all the happenings.





And now for a bit of  PROUD GRANDMA  blogging.

I have previously written about my lovely granddaughter Lillian and the trials and tribulations she has suffered over the past couple of years.

She has struggled with personal upheaval and a complete change of circumstances and coped admirably.  She has battled with dyslexia and, through sheer determination, has managed to gain good marks in exams.

She is a wonderful example of modern youth …..I know I am bound to say that, but you can judge for yourselves.

Not only has she supported her Mum through an operation and helped look after her young brother….often doing cooking and washing when my daughter was totally incapacitated.  But, in the past three years ….in a new town and a strange school …..she has served on the School Council and  been Mentor to younger pupils. She is a valued member of the School Choir;  gave a sparkling performance in a production of  “The Woman in Black”  and gained praise from professional actors for her appearance as  Lady Macbeth in the National School’s Shakespeare Festival.

In addition she also has the 100% Attendance Award and is a School Prefect.

But, not one to rest on her laurels, she decided to run for Head Girl for her final year, which will begin after the Summer holidays.  This entailed writing a personal statement and also producing a promotional video.  The whole school then cast votes and I am proud and delighted to say that  SHE WON !!!

I really cannot tell you just how proud I am …….. I’m sorry if I appear boastful.


Well done Lillian , you are a delightful, beautiful young woman …….may you have a wonderful year as Head Girl ….and go on to even better things in the future.


And finally, I am delighted to say that the flipping  PATCHWORK BLANKET   is  finished.

And now 81 of these ………


…………have become this ……………………………


………..and a crocheted edging has been added …..and now its done …….


Friends and family are already asking me about my next blanket ……… but, for the moment …… I’m making no promises ……..



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2 Responses to A Very Busy Time …… Day 77 of 100

  1. msalliance says:

    What a busy time. And what a proud grandma you are! Well done to Lillian!


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