The Wrong Day ……… Day 72 of 100


Today I went into Beverley …..a delightful market town in East Yorkshire.



There was a  ‘special event’  being held in the market place.  ……….. Now this is not unusual, there are various festivals and other interesting things, often taking place here.  I have written many times about this historic town; its quaint buildings and majestic Minster.

But….this was a special Food Market, highlighting local produce.  A celebration of Yorkshire fare.

There was an abundance of stalls selling delicious cheeses ……. freshly made cakes and pies ……. jars of honey …..bottles of wine.  And every vendor was generously offering …nay  begging  me to sample some of their wares.

As I am an advocate of the 5:2 lifestyle diet ….and today is a  ‘fast’  day …… I guess I chose the wrong day to go to Beverley.


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Growing old, disgracefully and enjoying every minute.
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3 Responses to The Wrong Day ……… Day 72 of 100

  1. I’m guessing the lady with the bike went as Nicola Sturgeon, at least from the waist up.


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