Squared ………..Day 69 of 100


You may remember that I wrote about some knitted squares a little while ago ?

The intention was to knit lots of different ones, in various colours and patterns  and then sew them together to make a sort of throw/blanket.

Well…..please don’t ask me  WHY  I decided to undertake this task ……I was originally inspired by a TV advertisement for a knitting publication ….

And although I have a plethora of beautiful throws and warm blankets,  I suppose I also had  a desire to keep my arthritic fingers actively employed.

So, I began my task ….. and gradually the pile of knitting  grew higher and higher.

It  was amazing how fast I  zipped through each 15x15cm square ……  and I really enjoyed devising different patterns and colour combinations.

Then yesterday …to my great surprise …..I realised that I had knitted 81 squares …… I couldn’t believe it !

And so begins the worst part ….the sewing together……

As you can see in these photos, I have made a start.  It is rather like doing a giant woolly jigsaw. So far, I have stitched 27 squares together ….the throw will be 9 squares by 9 ….


But that means that I still have all these to sew together ………what on earth made me think this was a good idea ….?





Today, all across the world, there are celebrations and services for V.E Day ….and I could not let this pass without mentioning my dear Father and those, like him, who fought so we could be free.

My Dad is in his 94th year …. he was one of the lucky ones, who survived the horrors of war and were able to return to their loved ones.

Thousands more were not so lucky and I know that Dad lost many of his pals in the various campaigns.

He served in The Durham Light Infantry and so, today, when we celebrate the triumph of good over evil and the end of hostilities in Europe ….I say a huge  “THANK YOU”  to all who served with him …and to all those who gave their  ‘tomorrows’  so that we could have our  ‘today’ …….


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  1. Tony Burgess says:

    Hello my friend!


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